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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Are you sitting down for this????

Guess what I did today? You will NEVAH guess...not in a billion! I hung my wash outside!!!! We have had THE most bee-u-tiful day here in Glasgow...I even went out shopping without a coat. It was so nice not having a straight-jacket on lol.
As I was finishing off the card below last night and noticed my bag of Decopatch goodies staring at me and decided it was time to shake of my altering clipboard nightmare and attempt to cover my 'L'. Trying to remember what Annie told me to do, I gingerly tore (ie ripped!) my gorgeous paper into little pieces and proceeded to paint my glue onto my letter. Can I tell you guys something....EASY PEASY! I had this letter done in about 20 I'm not saying it's perfect cuz there might be one or two things I would do slightly differently ie plan where I'm putting the paper first so I don't cut the flower in half but apart from that I'm really happy with the result. By the time I'd glued the second piece on the first was virtually dry and any bubbles that formed dried flat (not like that modge podge stuff!). So that's one letter down 15 to go!!

I made this card using the Stamps by Judith stamp I got from the Stamp Addicts stand at the weekend. Can you guess why I bought it??!!!

I put glossy accents on all the spots and feelers and glittered hers up so she looked a bit more girly. The pp is My Little Shoebox and I bought it because of the ladybugs on the other side. Karen had used a piece on my birthday card last year (something tells me I've not posted it so I will tomorrow) and when I was at her house a couple of weeks ago I ordered it. A little bit spooky but it's called Little Ladies - Jana. Jana was my friend that died a couple of months ago so it seemed fitting I bought some.
That's it for today. Hope the sun is shining wherever you are :-D
Catch ya later x


jandm said...

Letter L is very successful - looking forward to seeing the others. Yes, it's obvious why you chose that stamp - lovely result on your card.

Shelly said...

wooot wooot!!!

For the Love of Paper Crafts said...

Love it!