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Monday, 8 March 2010

A little bit rusty

I went back to the SECC yesterday to pick Karen up...I didn't want to be late for her so I arrived a bit early...well maybe a lot early. It was only an hour but I thought I could just LOOK around since it was going to be a bit quieter at that time on the last day. I don't know who I was kidding because I didn't just look, I bought!! But it was only the SU! stuff I saw on Thursday so does that really count???
I finally got time to make a card but the more I look at this card the more I'm not sure if I like it. Ever have a card like that? It hit me last night when I got into bed that it's Mother's Day this Sunday and I would have to make Pierce's mom a card today for me to get it in the mail tomorrow so it would get to her in Dublin in time. But it feels like I haven't made a card in like...forever!!! This is my 3rd since getting back and it took me ages to work out what I was going to do. It also took me quite a few tries at colouring the stamp...huffing...and stamping to get it halfway decent. Then when I did, I cut it out with one of my long Nestabilites which was fine until I got to the embossing bit and if you look (I'm sure you can see it from space) at the top left of the image there's a crease :d By this point I was ready to roll myself through the Cuttlebug. To make myself feel better I decided it added 'character'! Maybe I can blame the Royal Mail lol.
Today Karen and I went for lunch with Elaine and Annette to D'Lish. As always the food didn't disappoint and neither did the company. I hadn't seen Elaine since the Cricuts were 'smokin' so it was good to catch up. I got Karen to the airport just after 4 for her 6 o'clock flight. I know it's not an international flight but Karen has this thing about missing a flight from an earlier experience so she likes to get there in plenty of time! As always it's sad to say goodbye but hopefully it won't be long before we get together again.
Catch ya later x
ps just looked at the picture again and that crease looks bad...real bad so might just do it again!

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Tracey Falconer said...

You're a nut bar!!!! The card is beautiful, they all are! It's like swimming or riding a bike, once you're on it all comes back! Margaret will love it! xoxo