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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Happy weekend

Hiya folks...I'm still alive but I really don't know where the days are going. I'm going to have to try and locate a class on time management because I ain't so good at it these days. Since I don't have any real reason to get out of bed in the mornings as Steven left school 3 years ago, I find excuses for an extra 5 minutes, then 5 minutes leads to 10 and before I know it, it's almost 9 am and to me that's half the day gone! I also made the fatal mistake this week of not showering before going down the stairs to check mail, emails etc. Then I tidy and vacuum while the dogs are looking at me with pleading eyes to go for their walk. So this week I'm not leaving my bedroom until I've showered and dressed and I'm going to make lists of things I want to do the night before the day I want to do it....did you get that lol???
My Stampin' Up! goodies arrived yesterday...boy that was fast!! I've wanted this stamp set for ages but never bit the bullet. At the SECC if you bought the stamp set you got 20% off the punch so it would have been rude not to! I was running out of twine so got a couple of those (I know there's 3 in the picture but one is for Annette) and another role of my favourite coloured ribbon...Old Olive (I needed lots for next weekends make and take :-D) and finally the Boho flower punch. Another something I'd been swithering about for over a year so decided to put myself out of my misery so I could swither about something else!
I was selling my cards in 4 outlets but decided before Christmas to pull out of two. It was so time consuming especially since I don't seem to know how to make a quick card any more and thought I'd concentrate on the two closest to my home. I didn't have much time to make cards for those coming up to Birmingham so now the show is over and I can see the woods through the trees I started making some cards the other day to build my stock up. This is the first one...Cupcake Ruby. I'm making 3 of each as I go, one for each of the shops and one for my stash/sample box. I didn't have the sentiments when I was making the samples for the trade show so you won't have seen this one. They are a set of 8 for £6.50 which I think is fab value.

I'm going to try and do a tutorial (one of the conditions of having the crafty blog button is to have regular tutorials/tips) today on something I saw at the Stampin' Up! booth and post it tomorrow...depending on how it turns out lol. It won't be on video thank goodness as I don't like hearing my voice...I don't think I sound 100% Canadian anymore which upsets me a bit. If anyone wants to butter me up all you have to ask is if I'm here on holiday lol. So will be pictoral (is that the right word??) and hopefully I can do a good enough job.

Hope you have a great weekend...and a great Mother's Day tomorrow. Nicole and Ben have invited us up for dinner tomorrow which will be a first for me :-D

Catch ya later x


p.maider said...

Worth waiting for Kerry x

mixamatoasties said...

Great to meet you earlier. Enjoy your SU goodies!! Susan xx

Lyndsey Marie said...

Fabulous card, love the cute Ruby image and te colouring looks fantastic. Great layout too. Have fun playign with your new goodies.
Lyndsey xx

Lisa Jane said...

Loo forward to the tutorial. Fab card - love the little pearls on the punched border. Sorry haven't commented in a while - have been really busy - but always follow what you are doing.
happy Mothers day - hope its a good one
Lisa ;)