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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Here comes the bride...

I finally got my rolled daisy dies from MFT the other day...with a catch...I got carded by the Post Office for £9.09 charges. I was gutted as I thought I was within the amount for not paying. I had no option really...if I wanted those dies I had to rescue them!! I handed over the card and got my precious package. When I looked at the breakdown of the charges I got so mad...the VAT charges were only £1.09 but the Royal Mail handling fee was £8.00!!!! Talk about daylight they can say they're losing money is beyond me if they're charging ridiculous fees like that hmph (I am fully aware someone that works for the PO might be reading this and will shoot me down lol)

I forgot to tell you a little story from a couple of weeks ago. Suzy Q and her 4 year old daughter Kiera came over for a bit of retail therapy in the LCI Boutique! While SQ was shopping I made Kiera some toast. When I put it in front of her I said 'Bon Apetit' to which she replied...I don't like tea. Now you might be read that and think...that's not funny...but I thought it was hilarious and it still makes me giggle when I think about it lolololol....maybe you had to be there!

I was invited to a friends daughter's wedding last month. This will have been #3 of her 4 kids getting married...the 4th is getting married next month. She will have had 4 weddings and 2 grandchildren in 3 years by the time her other daughter has her baby later this year!!! Now wouldn't that make a great movie lol.

Well, I got all mixed up with my dates and thought I'd be travelling home the day of the wedding so I told my friend we wouldn't be able to make it. The fact is I was home 3 days BEFORE the wedding and by the time I worked it out there were no invitations left. I did ask to be put on the cancellation list...don't be too shocked by that as my friend knows me too well to be offended lol. nobody cancelled and we didn't get to go but I did make a card for the happy couple and here it is...

I dug out Bride Nikki and coloured her in with my Copics and cut her out with my oval Nesties. There was no fear of being too heavy handed with the glitter on this one lol. I used my new embossing folder I bought at Craft World the other week. I'd been after this one ever since I saw it on Mary J's cards. I used white sheer ruffle ribbon to tie it closed.

I decided to use Swarovski crystals for the bouquet instead of colouring and glittering. This picture doesn't do much for it but trust me when I tell you it was sparklicious!

I thought a gate-fold card would be nice so when you untie the bow this is what you see.

I gave the inside the same treatment as the outside with the embossing folder and applied tiny 2mm crystals at all the crossroads (probably not what you would call it but you get what I mean) Personally I love it (just as well after yesterday's card hmph) and I hope the happy couple do too.

Thank you for all your comments so far on my Blogaversary post and hello to my 3 new followers Penni, Myrna and's great to have you on
 board :-D Now I know bribery does work lol. In case you're not sure what I added today, it's a 5 1/4 x 5 1/4 tin with a hinged lid. You can see what can do with it here. I don't know about you but I'd be quite happy to win just the paper pad, ribbon and tin!!! I'll have a root around later to see what I can add for tomorrow.

That's it for me today...thank goodness you say! I never mean to write such long posts but I just can't help myself sometimes ... I talk such rubbish at times lol.

Thanks for stopping by.

Catch ya later x


Rusty said...

Gorgeous card, love the embossing folder ... what is it called?? xx

Suzy Q said...

OMG!!! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this card!!! Sitting at my crafting/dining table at the moment......(an Inspiration free zone at this point in time!!!) Trying to make a wedding card for SATURDAY!! now I've seen your card I clearly need to go shopping for more crafting materials!!!!! Hee hee!!
Oh & the Keira comment still makes me giggle too!!! :D xx

DesignerDiva said...

This is just beautiful Kerry, really really pretty
Hugs Laurie x

Susan said...

Oh Kerry - this is just beautiful - you really are the Queen LadyBug - and the bride and groom will just love it....
Can't believe the PostOffice - that's nearly as much as the die's value....where do they get that amount from ?!? and they know they can charge what they want as you want the goods :-(
Much love S. xx

Amanda R said...

Lovely card Kerry! I have never seen that embossing folder before but love how you used the crystals on her flowers and at the intersections. Looks very elegant!

Patty said...

Your card is fantastic! Love the embossing folder. I like tea..LOL!

Whimsey said...

What embossing folder is that - I LOVE IT; gives the card a quilted, delicate touch, beautiful!

Love the sparkly sleeves - brilliant idea to use the gems for the flowers...I'm tell you brilliant regardless of what your other loony bugs say. LOL :D

Lovin' the giveaway; getting more scrumptious each day!!

Lisa Jane said...

ooh i got that embossing folder too after seeing Mary J's cards . You have used it fabulously
A stunning card !
Lisa xx

Pami said...

A beautiful card Kerry, really stunning. You really do these white cards so well, love the ribbon too! Pami x

Mary J said...

Gorgeous!! I love those gems in the bouquet - you clever thing!!

janice moss said...

Absolutely beautiful! Love your style, your talent, and products! But I also so enjoy your "posts" and I wish I could find a way to use some of your's soooo Sparklelicious!

Anonymous said...

Stunning card Kerry and I love all the little details you have added and your beautiful design. It is pure pleasure to get inspiration from your work!