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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

TLT - Pami's Challenge - It's a male thing's that time again. What I want to know is .... how many Tuesdays are in a week? Because I'm sure it was only Tuesday the other day lol.

It's a brand new week which means a brand new challenge and it's our very bossy lovely Pam's turn. But before I launch into my schpeel I want to welcome our Guest Designer Julie who will be here for this month while Hayley is on sabbatical. Please make sure you give Julie a warm Ladybug welcome. Gaelle is off this week but hopes to return next week...well she better cuz it's her challenge lol.

Ok, like I said it's Pam's challenge and she's picked something that we all dread...male cards! But hey...we just have to suck it up and get on with it...that's why it's called a challenge!!

I wanted to use an image that I haven't used  in a lonnnnnnnnnnnnng time so I settled on Tom and first Christmas card of the year... yaaaaayyyy me!!!

I was really happy with this until I got a bit carried away with the glitter {gasp} Can you believe I actually said that??? You all know how much I love my glitter but there is a time and a place for it and it wasn't on Snowman's scarf hmph. So now I'm really peeved at myself and can barely look at the card.

Now how ridiculous does Snowman look with his silly hat and scarf...I don't know why he's smiling :-(

I can't look!

I quite like the inside though

Moving swiftly on, thank you to everone who entered Anita's challenge. You girls outdid yourselves but now you have to ask the I a winner??? Well there's one way to find out...hop on over to the Challenge Blog and check it out and if you are the top winner email me with your choice of stamp (£6.50 value) and where you'd like it sent :-D

Now for something really exciting! It's my blogaversary soon...45 days to be exact. I know it might seem like a long way off but with the way the days are flying in, it will be here before you know it. I want to celebrate it in style so what I'm going to do is offer some fact EVERY day for 45 days I'm going to add something to the pot. It might be a length of ribbon or a stamp or even some flowers but by the time those 45 days are up there is going to be one heck of a pile of candy lol. Now I'm sure you're wondering what the catch is...well what I'd like is for you to leave a comment on the post that will stay at the top of the page. You can just say hi or you can leave me a story but all these comments will go into a pot (or I can figure out how the random org thingamajig works) and I'll pick one name out and that person will win the whole shebang!!! Oh and one more thing....I'd really love to get to 200 followers. At the moment I have 162 so for even more excitement I will pick one of my new 38 followers and they will win a prize!!! Ok, now the previous 162 followers are probably thinking...hmph, what's the point if we're not in to win. Wellllllll...I'll also pick one of you to win a little prizy poo too!!! Now is that everyone covered because I don't want any moaning about favourtism lol. Last but not least I'll be making up a little badge that you can put on your blog to spread the word :-D

Are you ready to see what the first piece of candy is????

Ta dah!! It's a KI Memories pad called Groovy and it is scrumptious! Hmmm...I wonder what I should add tomorrow??? Well, you're just gonna have to come back and see :-D

Hope you enjoy what the DT has to offer you this week. I think they've done a flabulous job and I'm sure you'll be inspired so why not drop them a comment and tell them.

Thanks for stopping by...have a great day :-D

Catch ya later x


theCook said...

Ohh poor Kerry... Putting on too much glitter for your taste, wouldn't think it could happen to you!

Pami said...

Me, bossy? Never! Your card is fabby, you did make me laugh about adding too much glitter though, never thought that would happen!!! How exciting about the candy! Can't wait to see what else goes in it! Pam x

Rusty said...

Moan moan moan moan ... LOL only joking ... I think he looks great with th scarf! however I find it funny reading your post! you crack me up!! love the papers you have used, fab image! xx

Mary J said...

Great card, Kerry! Love the insides!

Lisa Jane said...

OH i am still chuckling from last night .. never mind reading your post??
Have you managed to look at your card again yet lol.. I THINK ITS FAB.. i love the papers ... and aprt from the snowman having a rash on his neck , there's nothing wrong with the scarf.
Can't to see all the other yummy goodies that go in your candy!
Have a great day .. don't go pressing any buttons you shouldn't ( oops did i say that??)
Lisa xx

pinky said...

Congratulations on your first Christmas card of the year and its just a wee stunner, loving all the sparkle lol. Loving the start of your new candy, I am sure you will have left someone out team lol

Amanda R said...

I like the card Kerry but see what you mean about the glitter, just sort of mutes the red a bit. Wonder if you could glue flocking over it or if that would add insult to injury. Great design on the inside too!

Patty said...

I didn't know you could use too much glitter...guess you will have to send the card to me. What a fun way to celebrate! I am still dreaming of that spotted chick on my side bar! LOL!

Anita said...

Fabulous card Kerry and good for you getting a start on your Christmas cards. Don't you hate it when you add something to your card and then wish you hadn't? I've done that lots lol! OK, if you really don't like the card, send it to someone you're not crazy about, OK?

Diane's Card Designs said...

Hi Kerry, you can never have too much glitter I love glittery cards. The inside looks fab too.
All this candy sounds great.
Have a lovely evening.
Diane :-) xx

Whimsey said...

Oh this is going to be fun leading up to your blogaversary; that paper is so funky - love it!

Oh yeah, your card is cool too. LMBO Love the inside, it's all fancy schmancy!!

And in case you were wondering? My panties are STILL in a twist due to the male theme. :D

Sue said...

Well done on getting a headstart on your Christmas cards. Love the papers and the super cute image - love the expression on the reindeers face :-)
I think the scarf looks fine!!
Sue xx

Julie said...

Well I think the scarf looks just fine and the robins certainly look like they're admiring it! You're right about the inside though,it's really rather special! Loving being part of the team,Julie.x