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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Go Canucks Go!!!

The Stanley Cup

Today is the first game of the final of the Stanley's the Vancouver Canucks vs Boston Bruins. Now for those of you who haven't a scooby of what I'm talking about it can only be one the ICE HOCKEY!!! When I was home the Canucks (my home team of course) were working their way through Nashville Predators then San Jose Sharks. At first I wasn't all that interested but it wasn't long before I was shouting and cheering (though not as much as The Judy!!)...I'd forgotten how exciting hockey can be. It's such a fast and physical game and how some of the players manage to get up after being slammed into the boards is a miracle! When I was growing up I actually loved Boston because of a player called Bobby Orr...I thought he was absolutely gorgeous lol.

This will be the 3rd attempt by the Canucks to win the Stanley Cup and let's hope it's third time lucky!! I had an email last night from a lovely lady, Celia, who I met at Precious Memories when I was demonstrating, telling me that the pizza chain Boston Pizza have changed their name to Vancouver Pizza for the game!!! Even DLS has cancelled her 5 o'clock appointments over the final series so she can watch the games...I think the streets of Vancouver will be deserted tonight lol. I found the game on ESPN tomorrow so although I'll probably know the score I'll watch it anyway.

Quite a bit of this goes's almost like dancing on ice lol.

The game starts at 1 am Thursday our time and I'm sure I'll be too excited to of luck boys!!

Catch ya later x


Suzy Q said...

Wow!!! You really are the SPORTIEST family I know!!! Lol! You guys just LOVE all sports!! I used to go & watch ice hockey in Glasgow when I was younger, in fact i'm sure a boy i was friends with moved to Canada to play ice hockey! I haven't watched it for years though...... Maybe I could be a convert!! Lol xxx

Amanda R said...

Well, if it can't be the Pittsburgh Penguins I guess I will be happy if the Canucks win! Only for your sake of course!

Shelly said...

AWESOME TUDE KER!! XOXOXOX first time in 17yrs we've gotten this far!!
we're gonna RUIN the BRUINS!!

Sue said...

LOL, great post Kerry, I went to see a local team more years ago than I care to remember, but I don't think there would be any comparison to the players in Canada and the US!!

Sue xx

Whimsey said...

I love, love, love hockey.

We have a local farm team - once upon a time, they won 2 championships - we were there to see it. SO.MUCH.FUN.

I may...or may not...have stood on my chair and screamed at the refs!?!

Sally said...

Good luck to the Canucks!!!!! We were season ticket holders to the Coventry Blaze for 4 years and saw them win many trophies. Such a great atmosphere and some hunky players too. My favourite being the lovely Neal Martin who I think played in the ECHL. Well hope you win.
Hugs Sally xxx