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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

TLT - Gaelle's Challenge - Use Red - AND the news!

You read's time for another TLT. I know it was only Tueday yesterday right? Well it sure feels like it :-S This week is our lovely French Ladybug Gaelle's turn and she came up with using RED on your project.. I'll quickly remind you to check the Challenge Blog to see if you're one of the winner's from last weeks 'Number' challenge. If 'it's you' then email me with your choice of stamp (£6.50 value) and tell me where you want it sent. Good luck!

Red. Red! RED hmph! Don't get me wrong...I like red...I even like wearing red but it's like anything you HAVE to struggle. Well I certainly did. If I look back at some of the cards I've made there is definitely red in them but for some reason every red I chose looked pink! I started my card on Sunday after the Father's Day celebrations (have you noticed I didn't post any FD cards? That's cuz I didn't make any...don't panic...I didn't buy any either but I kinda forgot! Don't even go there...I'm starting tomorrow!) I finally found what I thought was the perfect image and the perfect pp. I cut it all out...coloured in most of the image then went to bed. When I eventually found my way back to my room yesterday and saw what I'd accomplished the night before I just kinda stared at the pp....someone had come in while I was sleeping and coloured it pink!!! I swear on the Rubester's life it was red when I chose it on Sunday so I had to go back to the drawing board. Now on hindsight I really didn't have to because I'd coloured some of the image red and I'm sure Gaelle said 'as long as there was red somewhere' so I think I'm going to make a Dr's appointment and see if there's a name for what I've got!!!!

Are you ready? Here's what I came up with...

I had the perfect image in mind with On Your Bike Robyn because I wanted her to have a shiney red bike

I didn't trust myself with my GA so I used a glaze pen and gave it 2 coats...unfortunatley you can't see it in the pictures. I'm sure you're looking at the tree and thinking...she's REALLY lost it...a glitter tree!!

I was desperate to make a rolled daisy flower with some LCI felt...very fabulicious. The center is a SU! brad

And finally the inside...I'm really enjoying matching the inside with the outside :-D

I guess I'd better give you an edited version of the outcome of the Stanley Cup {sigh} I think I've been in denial the last few days but we lost in the last game (so much for your predictions EA!). I think everyone was in shock because The Canucks were the favourites to win. But that wasn't the was the riots afterward. I saw bits of it on tv and the internet and couldn't believe what I was seeing. In all my 47 years I have NEVER known that kind of violence after a sporting event in Canada though apparently there were riots after they lost in the final in 1994. Cars were flipped and doors ripped off then set alight. Store windows were smashed and looted. DLS said she sat crying while watching it on tv. But what she told me the next day warmed my heart. Apparently someone put it on Facebook and 15,000 people went downtown and helped clear up the mess...a parent turned their son in and a couple of others turned themselves in. I hope they catch as many people that were involved and those that were are ashamed.

Enough doom and gloom...I did hint that I might have some news for you and I can confirm that YES I DO!!! How do you feel about doing a bit of hopping? How do you feel about a new release? Do you want to win prizes? If you answered yes and you're waving your hand like crazy then you're going to LOVE what we have in store for you next week. We've got a new release of Christmas stamps and I have had a play with them and they are megaliciously fantabulous and you will love love LOVE them :-D For now all you have to do is grab the banner below and put it somewhere on your blog (don't don't have to have a blog to win) and spread the word. The more that know about the hop the more fun it will be :-D

That's it from me...hope you have a great day :-D

Catch ya later xx


Mary J said...

This is definitely red this time, Kerry! Gorgeous card, gorgeous insides!

Rusty said...

There is definately a name for what you have got ... its called daft! haha! oops I best run before you get the whip out! How could you forget fathers day? Beautiful card, I am curious about the glaze pen?? is that what it is called? does it look as good as glossy accents? I use GA on everything ... literally, fingers, clothes, kids, the cat etc etc! whoops! Gorgeous card xxx

Amanda R said...

Love the card Kerry! I think I need to add that stamp to my next order, too cute! And I have a sign in my office that says "Getting older doesn't make you forgetful, having too many stupid things to remember makes you forgetful!" So you can use that as an excuse if you want!

Whimsey said...

Fabby - I love it and Robyn's outfit is adorable!

Great flower; I need that daisy - it's scrumpdillicious!! How do you SPELL that? :D

Yeah; the reaction in Canada was NOT what I expected!!! Hated to see them lose too!

Lisa Jane said...

ooh i love that red bike ..just what every kid wants lol... and the papers are fabarooni... just like that felt flower!!
Lisa x

pinky said...

I didn't even notice this stamp before Kerry, she is so cute, love her little red bike and your felt flower is gorgeous. I need to make a shopping list for the end of the month!

Pami said...

I love her red bike! And the flower is gorgeous, love it ! Pami x

Julie said...

I so love your card Kerry! Love the pink papers lol! The image is brilliant,reminds me of me when I was a lass,except I tried to keep both hands on the handlebars. The one time I did try to do hands free,I rode straight into a lamppost! Have a great evening,Julie x

Lyndi said...

Aw! Love your card - loving the wee red bike!! I'd have to colour her with two black eyes - coz that what I got when I rode my bike when I was little (about 8 or 9) - bit of a tomboy I was, much to my mum's dispair :o/

With the riot thing - sometimes people go to games like this to intentionally cause trouble, good to know there are still some people in the world with a conscience tho!

AND a BLOG HOP! Yay - Christmas in June - can't wait. Love those hoppy things. Can't wait to see the new stamps!!

mixamatoasties said...

Fab card Kerry. Love her red bike!! Have put your blog hop on my blog :) Susan xx

theCook said...

I did say some red is enough... The red bike would have been enough, you shouldn't have struggled that much to make your card :)

Diane's Card Designs said...

Gorgeous card Kerry! I love this image and your felt flower finishes it off beautifully. Also love the deco on the inside.
Diane :-) xx

Sue said...

Oh wow, I love your pinky red paper, LOL!! Such a sweetie of an image too - her bike looks fabby and she looks so carefree :-) Sue xx