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Saturday, 11 June 2011


What is it with men and airports? They don't want to be in them any longer than they need to even if they're the ones catching the flight. My mil finally had her long awaited back operation and the hubster flew to Dublin this morning to spend a few days with her. The flight was at 11:35 so I got up early and met Lynn and Suzy Q at CB with the dogs...came back to report we only had 5 miles left of gas which was a hint that maybe we should leave earlier than the 10am plan to fill up. As we were driving up to the closest gas station I noticed we weren't slowing down to pull in. I pointed out the GS only to be told there's one up on the left. Racking my brain (which didn't take long because there's not a lot in it these days!) the closest one to the left was miles away. To cut a long story short we did manage to get to a GS with 0 miles in the tank and we did manage to get to the airport with about 20 minutes before the gates shut! No wonder I dye my hair hmph.

Of course I had to make mil a card and this is what I came up with...

You should know by now that Daydreaming Ruby is my favourite (though I say it quietly so I don't upset the others) and I thought she'd be perfect for a get well card. I used my flantastic new pp from BG again...why oh why did I only buy one sheet of each???...and a sketch from one of our previous challenges. I love my new rolled daisy flower die and made the flower with one of Tam's gifts stuck in the middle.

Can you see why she's my favourite???

OMG...isn't this flower megamazing??!!! I added a bit of GD to the bud in the middle

I don't know if you can tell but I kinda curved the sentiment so it looks a bit like a flag waving in the wind...I really like this for a change from it laying flat.

Here's that scrumptious flower again and you can just about make out the waving sentiment

The inside has been Mary J'd

I hope she likes it. My sil LOVED the 25th anniversary card I sent ... it took 10 days to get to Dublin...what's that all about??!!! Even if I had of mailed it on time it still would have been late hmph!

Have you seen the latest addition to the Blogaversary candy? So far there's the KI Memories pad, ribbon, square tin, Scor-bug and tonday's entry....some self adhesive gems! And on that note I'd like to welcome 2 new followers Uta and Inny...welcome aboard girls :-D Inny was a winner from Michelle's Make It Monday Linky party I sponsored while I was home last month. I emailed to say I was away and would send her chosen stamp once I got back in the UK. I got an email from Inny last night to say that the stamp had arrived and thank you very much but I'd already sent it AND she had replied to say thank you very much she had received it lol. Well that just shows you that what I said about not taking long to rack my brain is absolutely 100% true!!!

I haven't given you an update on The Canucks lately...probably because after they won the first two games in Vancouver, they then went to Boston and lost the next two games 8-0 and 4-0!!!! Well I wasn't going to brag about that now was I lol. Thank goodness they are back to their winning ways because last night they won 1-0 back in Vancouver woot woot. They now have to go back to Boston and play tomorrow and if they win then they've won the Stanley Cup, if they lose it goes to the last game of the series and (best out of 7) and whoever wins wins! I spoke to DLS yesterday and she said a sports company EA or was it AE??? Anyway they predicted before the season started last year that Vancouver and Boston would be in the final and Vancouver would win the SC in the 7th game. Apparently they've made a lot of these kind of predictions before and have only been wrong once! Let's hope they're right again :-D

Ok...I've got to go make a card for my mate Lynn...she's asked for the same wedding card I made in my last post and I haven't even started yet (if you're reading this Lynn don't'll get it in time for the wedding!). Annette popped in earlier for a spot of shopping in the LCI Boutique and we had to have a catch up...well it would have been rude not to lol!!!

Have a great Saturday. Don't forget to leave a comment if you want a chance to win the candy and if you're a new follower make sure you mention it so you don't miss out on the prize :-D

Catch ya later x


Lisa Jane said...

wow .. fab card - love the flower ( i dont do flowers eh???)
Gorgeous colours and love the way you did the sentiment
Lisa x

Gaynor said...

I love that flower, and your colouring is fab, Gaynor x

mixamatoasties said...

Fab card Kerry! xxx

Lynn Ainsworth said...

I LOVE it when I'm mentioned!!!!!!! (and thank you so much for the beautiful, beautiful card!) xxxxx

Dora said...

O wow what a fabulous card, your image is so sweet and love your flower.... yay yes for Brad Pitt he he I can't wait to start and really am hoping I get to see him :) Hugs xx

janice moss said...

Daydreaming Ruby is such a cutie! Love the card and oh by the way...I think your husband might be related to mine, lol!

Mary J said...

Blimey, I get tired just reading your posts - you are one busy lady!!!

Gorgeous card - it is megamazing!!!