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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Happy Father's Day

I'm just about over the excitement of Take That, the Simply Cards & Papercraft LCI freebie and my brand spankin' new iphone....ok, I'm so not lol but I'm trying :-D I finally had a chance to play with my phone last night in between ironing breaks. I managed to syncronize it with my laptop and up/download some music. Then I had a lightbulb moment!! Wait for this'll LOVE it! Remember I was telling you about all the flicken' and sharing of apps going on at the last crop and I was feeling extremely jealous and left out? Well Lynn (one of my most favourite people in the world despite her stalking tendencies...but that's ANOTHER story!) had one for scrapbooking sketches...can you believe it??? So as I was a-flicken' I wondered if there was one for card sketches and lo and BE-HOLD there was!! Well I downloaded that baby before you could say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in French (think it might have been a tad quicker) so now if I'm ever stuck or my mojo has left the building all I gotta do is fire up my phone and start a-flicken'!!!!

I finally made Father's Day cards and one is winging it's way to Ireland as I type. The other one is waiting for strike actioin to end in Canada (we do not cross picket lines!) but I'm not sure I can part with this one cuz I absolutely love it (ever get one of those?). Do you think if I tell my mom to show it to my dad on her laptop he'll let me keep it??? I can only try ;-D Anyway, here it is...let me know if it's a thumbs up or a thumbs down....

Don't you just {heart} the colours? Not sure if I should confess this but I am THE most untidiest crafter and can't seem to find the paper pad I used but when I do I'll let you know. Hmmm...unless it wasn't a paper pad and it was pp???...either way I'll give you the deets when I find it!

As you can see I paper pieced the rug but didn't make too great a job of it :-(

This old guy reminds me of my FIL and his brother...they only have to sit down and they're snoring lol. Isn't he trendy with his pink shirt ;-D

I'm going to have to find that pp or pad or whatever cuz it's fabulicious!

Don't forget about the blog hop on's going to be flabulous with prizes galore!!! Grab the banner and spread the news.

Hmmm....I'm thinking I've forgotten something but can't remember what it was that's Irish lol! If I remember I'll let you know in my next post.

Hope you have a great's a bit lot drizzly today...I can officially say my Brazillian Blowdry is no more :-(

Catch ya later x

ps forgot to mention I saw the layout for this card on Mary J's blog here


Lisa Jane said...

oh this is fabarooni.. i love the colouring of the armchair and the paper piecing of the rug.. and you are right the papers are scrumdiddlyumtious
Lisa x

Diane's Card Designs said...

Oh wow Kerry this is fab. Love the layout and your stitching is very neat. Must get one of those images which you have coloured in beautifully.
Diane :-) xx

pinky said...

Absolutely brilliant, how cute is he with his little matching rug and that PINK shirt!! Love this card Kerry. I have been a housebound honey this weekend and haven't got out to get that mag yet, hope there is one left for me or I will be screaming for a different reason lol.

Lynn Ainsworth said...

Where do I begin? I love love LOVE when I get a personal mention!!!! One of my favourite things EVER! I got all excited and was literally bouncing in my chair...(Afraid I do have to admit, though, that it was Elaine who had the app on her phone! I just copied it!) and I love love LOVE this card!!!! Squares/straight edges are totally my thing (hate circles) - this is PERFECT. Love the symmetry and your colouring is un...believable. Love the straight lines, the symmetry,the colouring, the colours, and LOVE that sweet man with his combover! (and you are one of MY most favourite people in the world! How's THAT for a coincidence? Then again, you probly knew that from the stalking...)

Susan said...

True Kerry - absolutely stunnalicious - please share where you got the looks just like my FIL too....!!
Love the colours and the sketch - off to App search on my Iphone xx

Michelle said...

Fantastic card Kerry!! I'm loving that paper too!

You think you are a messy crafter, well I reckon I would beat you there. I'm having trouble getting my boys to clean their rooms, they just turn around to me and say but why dont you have to clean your craft room?!

Michelle :-)

Patty Sue 2 said...

This is so fantastic....I can see why you want to keep it...suitable for framing!

Amanda R said...

Love the card Kerry and you did a great job coloring the chair and picking all the colors, it looks wonderful! I think the paper is one of the My Minds Eye 6x6 pads, Mabel or Gertie or one of those.

theCook said...

Love the colors of the card and love that stitching!

Whimsey said...

So what's the card sketch app? Please share!

Cute image; makes me laugh...I know someone JUST LIKE THAT! I like the paper pieced rug; looked great to me! Fab coloring too!!

Pami said...

What app??!! This is fabulous Kerry, you have coloured him perfectly! The image is just fabulous. I love those papers too, they are from My Minds Eye but can't remember the pack! Hope your weekend is going ok. Pami x

Gaynor said...

This is great Kerry, I love that paper, where did you get the stamp from? By the way I have got my copy of simply cards & papercraft. Gaynor xx