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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Thursday Post Part II

Just spoke to DLS and apparently the game was NAIL BITING to the extreme. There are 3 x 20 minute periods in a hockey game and the Canucks scored with 18 seconds left in the 3rd period!!!! Roll on Saturday :-D

It was my sil and bil's 25th wedding anniversary on Tuesday...card was late (nothing unusual lol) as I was only making it the night before and it was going to Ireland! Maybe they'll get it tomorrow :-D Anywho, this is what I did...

I apologise for the bad new lighting tent lights don't seem to be as strong as my last ones. I used Sentimental Numbers (this is such a versatile set...not just for kids cards) and stamped them out with Versamark, sprinkled with silver embossing powder and heat embossed. I've had the flabby embossing folder for years and have only used it a couple of times. Don't know why as I love it. Rolled some flowers, added some clear Swarovski crystals and sprayed the whole thing (minus the 25) with SU! shimmer paints. You can't really see it in the photos but it is absolutely gorgeous and totally changes the look of the card. I had an idea of how I wanted to do the sentiment on the front but it wasn't working out so I just left it. Maybe I should have just put congratulations?

The flowers are so pretty with the shimmer paint. I put GA on the numbers then sprinkled with GD.

I tried to get an angle for you to see the shimmer but don't think you can see it hmph.

Like I said in my previous post I went for a mani/pedicure and spray tan courtesy of Groupon. It's a relatively new manicure called Gellux and basically it's gel painted on and set with a UV light machine and it's supposed to last up to 10 days. I got a french manicure on my hands and orange on my toes and both are shiny :-D So then I had the spray tan. I thought it was going to be a booth you stand in, press a button and spray.! I had to strip down (if you've just eaten please stop reading now!) and put on the thong panties (which I put on the wrong way and wondered why they looked different lmao), hairnet and nothing about feeling vulnerable! Louise came into the room and although I'm not normally a shy person I didin't know where to look...I was holding my stomach in till it ached hoping that my recent jogging activity was showing lol. She was very chatty which was just as well because silence would have been horrendous lol. So now I'm turning a lovely shade of brown...very natural...just in time for the sun coming out hmph!

That's me for today...hope you've had a good day so far...we're almost at the weekend yaaaayyyyy!!

Catch ya later x


Lisa Jane said...

Oh my .. i love that card! I just love WOW cards and this one certainly has the WOW factor lol
I have just picked myself off the floor chuckling re the spray tan saga .. i just couldn't do it lol.. i will stay white as a sheet lol
Lisa x

Rusty said...

Oh Kerry this is absolutely beautiful, I don't think it needs a sentiment. What a fab use of the numbers! Glad I am not a girly girl, cause I would have run a mile if I had to strip down ... mind you it would have had to be a whole lotta tan for my body!! xxx P.S Maddison who is now a big 4 has been to the park and has come home very brown and tanned ... roll on 2 weeks in Ibiza and she will be proper golden with blonde hair! Jealous?

theCook said...

I just love your card, I always love white on white... I thinki the 25 is a sentiment on itself and doesn't need more...

Pami said...

Oh my god, I just spat out my mouth full of water after reading this, you put thongs on the wrong way round!!?!! It made me think of that episode of Friends when Ross gets a spray tan and gets sprayed on the same side about 3 times and went REALLY dark!!

Oh and the card is gorgeous!!

Pami x

Lindsey said...

He he! Thong the wrong way round?! Still at least yer butt was covered! Sorry, shouldn't laugh's just so darn funny! Thanks for that I needed a larf tonight!
Card is beautiful by the way...get you with your neat stitching!
Linds x

Sue said...

OMG, hubby now thinks I'm (more) strange because I'm randomly laughing at the computer... classic story with the paper knickers :-D

Lovely card, great use of the number stamps, they work so well on their own, and your flowes are gorgeous :-) Sue xx

Whimsey said...

Oh crap; I'm at work and ROLLING about the thong!! I would do the same darn thing I'm afraid. I always think you're so dark complected anyway; bet you look boo-tee-ful!!!

Yeah, that gel stuff is fab! I actually have tips on my nails but I know TONS of people using the gel stuff and they love it!!

Amanda R said...

Beautiful card but now all I can think about is you putting the thong on backwards! OMG that is hysterical! Kerry you make me laugh more than just about anyone else I know cause I do the same stupid things you do, you just blog about them!

Mary J said...

Very elegant! I have that embossing folder and never used it! Will be now!

Sheilagh said...

C & S (clean and simple) as a card like that should be, so beautiful and that embossing folder is one of my old time fave's, as Mary said very elegant indeed. As for the spray tan I had on once not to be repeated I looked like a smurf, you know green in colour lol :O lets not go there shall we!!
Sheilagh x