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Thursday, 23 June 2011

What a a good way!!!

What can I say about today? It's been pretty awesome...that's a good place to start! It all started like this {insert wavy lines and swirly music}....

Got up and took the dogs  for a quick squiz round CB then to Doggy Daycare. Suzy Q  promptly arrived for her sewing lesson but I made breakfast before we started. Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa so DLS told me about 50 million times. Well it's just like Sauchiehall St..pronounced Sawkee-hall whereas I was pronouncing it Sewchy-hall and then there's Milngavie which is Mil-guy but in Kerry speak it was Miln-gavie. And don't even get me started on Siobhan!!!) with applesauce, almond butter, almond milk, cinnamon, honey and blueberries. Ok, looking at that it sounds like a dogs breakfast but I can assure you and so can Suzy Q (unless she was lying) it's yummalicious AND healthy :-D Whilst in the middle of our sewing lesson the mail dropped on the mat .... can you even guess what was amongst it (apart from the buy one get one half price at Pizza Hut flyer) ? Some of you will know because you emailed me last night but THIS is what it was....

How bloomin' exciting!!!! Suzy Q and I were screamin'...ok I was doing most of the screamin' lol. I was asked months ago to do this and I was literally counting the days till it came out :-D

Another good thing that happened yesterday (it's now Thursday as Mr Blogger wouldn't upload my pictures) is that I got my new iphone up and running. It arrived the day before but I was too busy (???) to look at it properly. I remember at the last crop at least 4 of the girls had iphones and they were talking about this app and that app and flicken' their fingers across the screen and thinking...I wanna be one of those girls flicken' their screens lololol. So now I am...only thing is I've downloaded an app which I said I wouldn't and it's a NIGHTMARE!!! I'll warn you now...if you don't want to lose any more hours in the day DO NOT download Whirly Word!!

So the final great thing to happen was TAKE THAT!!!!! Nicole, Suzy Q and I went together and we had  a great time. The Pet Shop Boys were on first and sounded great. We only got the last 15 minutes but we got to hear my favourite song West End Girls :-D

Then it was time for the boys

The weather was poured with rain but it didn't affect the spirit of the crowd or the performance. Robbie was lushalicious (only took a couple of pics of him lol).

Ok...I've got a load of work to do today but before I go I want to say hi to Sheilagh and Jodi who are my latest followers...thanks for joining in :-D If I've missed anyone so far I apologise. Unless you say you're a new follower I won't know because for some reason the pictures don't always go in order of you adding yourself.

Have a great day and thanks for popping in.

Catch ya later x


Jo Street said...

What a good start to the day! The mag and stamps look great, am off to get mine now! I saw Take That in Manchester a few weeks ago, what a fab night we had too!
Jo x

Lyndsey Marie said...

Hi Kerry,

Sounds like you had a fab day. Great news on the mag have picked mine up this morining have been waiting patiently for it since seeing the preview last month. I am off to see TT on tue and cant wait, not bothereed about TPSB but so excited about seeing Robbie & Gary so lush!!!.
Lyndsey xx
PS I wanna be one of those girls as well, but got to wait till next year till my contracts up boo!!

Lisa Jane said...

Yay - i just got my mag and stamps .. and luckily they are stamps i dont have lol... although NEED !
YOur night at Take That looks fabarooni.. i saw them twice in the 90's and loved them .. so can only think they would be 100 times better... but i dont think they should have let Robbie back.. contraversial i know.. but he made his choice and left lol...
My fave is Howard
Lisa xx

Diane's Card Designs said...

Went shopping this morning and was so excited when I saw the mag and your stamps on the shelf. Grabbed mine and can't wait to ink them up. I have loads of LCI stamps but don't have these ones. Looks like you all had a great evening it's been years since I last went to a Concert...must get out more lol.
Have a lovely evening
Diane :-) xx

Pami said...

:-) as you know I got my magazine the other night, so exciting to see LCI stamps, and I havent got them either so extra perfect! Your photos are fab, love Take That, so gladd Robbie is back but Gary is my fav! P x

Sue said...

I didn't get near a shop today and no chance tomorrow either by the looks of things *grumpy face*. There better be a copy left on Saturday, or I'm REALLY going to sulk!!

Looks like you had a great time at the concert, fabby pictures

Sue xx

Roni said...

I love the little cheeky chappy Robbie myself, he is just too cute {sigh}!

Talking about cute, I think this is one of the best freebie's with the mag yet and I'm a subscriber so love it when we get the stamps instead of papers! Well chuffed!! :OD

Big hugs Roni :O) xoxo

mixamatoasties said...

Woo hoo!! Got my copy of the mag today :) Off to play now!!! xx

Faith A said...

I was one of the few who didn't know about your stamps in the mag :( CONGRATULATIONS how wonderful for you.

I went shopping while we were away for a craft mag, bought one (the only one left on the shelf) then found out there was supposed to be a free CD in it, some rotter had taken it out.