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Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy New Year!

I know I'm 3 days late but I hope you all had great New Year celebrations. I've already fallen at the first hurdle with my NY's resolutions. My main one was to be more organised but this just proves I'm not lol.

We weren't going to go out but we got an invite at the last minute and decided to go. We were to be at our friends for 8pm and at 5pm I started making her a little note tin. At 7:30 I was still making it so needless to say we were late AND I never got it finished lol. I did arrive with home baking and a promise that I had something else for her once I got myself  organised (boo...there's that word again hmph).

Today was that day though I probably should have left it as we have company coming for dinner in about an hour and a half and my house is a tip. At least dinner is on the go so they won't starve :-D Luckily I didn't have much to do to finish the gift so here it is....

I just love these little tins (I'm sure I have said that before!) and I think they make the perfect gift. I don't have any calendars and note pads left so I made some note cards.

This is the set...only 4 would fit because of the crystals

Inside the tin

The pictures aren't great because my photo tent is boxed up (it usually sits on my dining room table) so the lighting is terrible and this particular picture is blurry. Anywho I wasn't going to mount the notecards but I forgot that Copics bleed through the back of the cs and it didn't look too pretty so had to change my plans. Then I was going to stitch around the edges but forgot and taped it down. I didn't want to gum up my sewing machine so added crystals to the corners instead. I added a larger crystal and some GD to the bra. IRL it's really lovely...hoonest lol. I'll wrap it up in tissue and give it to my friend tomorrow.

OH and I were invited to a football (soccer) game yesterday. Believe it or not I'm not a fan of football but it was a corporate thing so we got breakfast then a post match meal. I really like the people who invited us so I went for the company and food and not the game lol. The first half was so boring and I ended up checking out what colour boots the players were wearing and how many were wearing the same ones lol. It was so cold I was glad to go indoors at half time to get a coffee and cake. (another resolution down the tubes hmph) The second half was much better and our team won 2-0...yippee!!! It makes the league a bit more interesting and hopefully we'll win the league this year.

I'd better get going before I get caught out by my visitors! Don't forget tomorrow we're starting back with TLT. It's an easy peasy one so I hope you'll all roll up your sleeves and join in. The Ladybugs haven't let the holiday break get in the way of their creativity and I can tell you they have come up trumps again :-D

Thanks for stopping by today.

Catch ya later x


pinky said...

Sounds like your new year is going to be a pretty busy one, like it has been so far:) So just enjoy it!!

Hayley @ said...

Get back to the kitchen and cleaning Mrs!!! I hate rushing but sometimes I have that many things to do that I end up rushing!
I love the tin you've made, the notecards look so pretty and I love the bra stamp, the crystals placed at the corners of the cards really set of each card along with the crystal and sparkle from the bra!
Enjoy your evening

Pami said...

Hi Kerry, fabulous tin, loving those colours, and trust you to have a bra stamp!! Sounds like you are having a fun busy time. I love football, Arsenal fan! Have a great evening. Pami x

Anita said...

That's a lovely tin Kerry and the notecards are so cute with those adorable glitzy bras. Sounds like you need a live-in maid lol!

Helen Ann said...

never mind the cleaning, crafting is far more important lol.

Those cards are gorgeous (I swear I have that bra (though hmpf mine doesn't have a big crystal on it lol)), I'm making a start on one of my tins tomorrow (that's the plan depends on something arriving in the post lol)

Hel x

Helen Ann said...

ps those flowers are gorg - did you make them?

Lisa Jane said...

Fab project Kerry .. i just love that Bra stamp.. although a bit small for me lol.... they dont callme double diamond for nithing you know!!
Happy New year - have a fab evening
Lisa ;)

theCook said...

The tin is beautiful... Seems strange to me to have note cards with a bra on them, but I like the crystal!

Sue Upson said...

Love the cards and the tin, esp the little image, great for a girly notelet :-) ...
chuckling at the story though... can imagine your HB hopping up and down jangling keys and tapping of watch - or is that just mine when it takes me longer thank I intended to get something made!!

Roni said...

Happy New Year to you and yours too Kerry! I hope this year is just as rewarding for you as last year!

Gorgeous note cards and matching tin and I always laugh out loud when I read your stories. I feel as though I'm there with you panicking that you are running out of time! It stresses me out! Lol!

Hope it worked out well for you and you had a lovely evening.

Hugs Roni :O) xoxo

Sew-Ink said...

Very cute tin Kerry and that little bra stamp is fabulous.

Rusty said...

LOL you sound very organised... not! LOL ... love the tin and notecards, I am ashamed to say that my tin is just sitting there doing nothing and looking very bare! x