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Friday, 14 January 2011

Another week over

TGIF!!! How did we get to Friday so quickly? I think 2011 is going to follow 2010 and fly by.

I hope you enjoyed the blog hop on Tuesday...judging by the comments you did :-D My DT really pulled out the stops on this new release and since TLT I have received some of the cards/projects in the mail to take to CHA. The pictures do not do them justice and I wish you could see them IRL. I know I say that a lot but it's true. Suzy Q was over this morning to lend a hand and I showed her some of the projects/cards and she was gobsmacked by them and totally agreed with me.

Apart from the blog hop on Tuesday Elaine, Annette and I were very hard at work. Elaine and Annette brought over the Cricut machines and we set to work cutting out more ladybugs/flowers/vines to decorate my stand at CHA (did I tell you I was going???!!!) We did the same thing for Stitches last year so I'm going to use the same cut outs plus more as the stand is slightly bigger and I'll have more wall space to cover. I  have a table which I'll be able to put the projects that can't be wall mounted on and I've decided I'm going to have a' card of the hour' and display a card on an easel (note to self: go to Ikea at weekend) on the table and swap it over every hour or so.

Back to Tuesday....Elaine cut about 250 ladybugs and Annette set to work on the flowers. I glued the ladybugs together, cut and scored the covers of the giveaway and stuck the pp on the front cover and the PIN on the inside. These are just some of the keychains we've done. I've still to glue the crystals for eyes (thinking I shouldn't have bothered with that!) and a bit more sticking but should be finished them in a few hours...I hope!

Looky!!! My Skechers arrived yesterday :-D I put them on straight away...I think I'm about 6' tall with them on lol. I love them but my kids think they're pretty darn ugly but I don't care...if they do the job (over 100 reviews can't be wrong can they?) and I come back with a bum and legs to rival Cindy Crawfords I'll be a happy Ladybug lol. BFF IM'd (instant messaged) me this morning asking if I'd got them so told her yes and that I loved them. An hour later I got another IM saying she'd ordered hers and we'll look like super models when we come back! I just hope that once the legs and bum is done they'll start working on the muffin top lmao!

After all that I do have a card to share with you. I made this back in November last year for a friend who just had her second baby. You can see how long these images have been in the making.

I'd been chomping at the bit to show you this card but I wasn't ready to release it at that time.

Again I've gone for another simple card with lots of white...

Sleep baby is just so cute...I love the fact you can colour as much or little of the image you want and it will look flabulous either way.

 Don't you love those little tootsie's sticking out of the blanket lol.

I want to remind you that Hayley is having a massive sale at Funky Farm Scrapbook Barn!!! She has 100's of gorgeous papers, flowers, ribbon and other accessories! Lots of Bo Bunny, MME and more! There's also free postage over £20.00 and you can earn loyalty points too. Hayley has also got an exclusive Ladybug code to save 10% on top of the sale prices...just enter TLTLADYBUGS in the code box at the checkout.

 I got some flabulous stash on Tuesday and yesterday for my birthday from two lovely friends and I hope to make something with it over the weekend and show you :-D

Think that's all for now...hope you have a lovely weekend.

Catch ya later x


theCook said...

I've never seen such shoes... You'll tell us about it!

Pami said...

Beautiful card Kerry, I love his little toes peaking out as well! You have been so busy! I am so glad its all coming together. Such an exciting time. Pami x

Annette said...

CUT, CUT AGAIN, STICK!! CUUT, CUUT AGAINNN, SSSTICK!! WOOOOO am I dreaming? no I am having nightmares!!!! keep reminding me Kerry, where are you going again?!?!?!

Hayley @ said...

Beautiful card Kerry, I love white and a little colour on baby cards. Beautiful!! I love the embossing too.
And look at all of those gorgeous ladybug key chains!!!! Wow!!! Oh I didn't know you were going to the CHA!!! HOW EXICITNG ;)

Mary J said...

A-DOOOR-ABLE!! I am getting so excited for you, Kerry! Anyway, I thought you said I could climb into your suitcase?!!

pinky said...

I can feel the wave of excitement way over here Kerry:) Those little giveaways are going to be a real hit!! as are your wonderful stamps!! Loving the sketchers, let me know if they work:) Loving your baby card, so so adorable. Will have to have a play with the stamps again this weekend.

Rusty said...

Them skechers look fab!! and the box of ladybugs, and the beautiful card!! you have been uber busy, all your hard work will pay off ... what size feet are you? Just that if you come back home to the UK with a bum and some legs then can I have your skechers? x

Hayley @ said...

Sounds like a good trade could be had there Kerry, Skechers for an I-pad.... I wonder whether Tams will go for it ;)

Shelly said...

you want me to comment on your blog? are you sure? those shoes are hideous! lol and you are already 10' taller than me.... WTH will i do? stilts?

Suzy Q said...

Annette, I am thinking kerry should be getting you your own private jet, never mind flights for LA!!! Lol!!
Kerry love the baby card!! 2 cute!! That little teddy all snuggled up....awweee!!
And I would like 2 repeat what Kerry said... The crafty stuff that the DT had sent in is absolutely fabulous!!! I am right impressed!! & I am sure the ideas will go down a storm in LA!! :-D xxxx

Lisa Jane said...

oh my .. it all looks flabby! short comment as feel so rough .. hopefully i will be back on form soon
Lisa x

Meahni said...

Those shoes are a big craze her too, I'd love to know if they work, lol!
GORGEOUS cute sweet precious card Kerry!