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Sunday, 16 January 2011

What a mess!

I thought I'd show you my extremely untidy spare bedroom and what it's being used for at the moment. As I received the samples for CHA from my wonderful Ladybugs I've been putting them on the bed in their corresponding groups ie all Jacks together, all Robyns etc. I want to take at least 2 samples of each image so I've got them piled on top of each other. My dining room doesn't look to disimilar lol.

I was in Morrison's supermarket a couple of weeks ago and saw these shoe boxes and thought they'd be perfect for transporting the samples safely. Two 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 cards fit perfectly with a slight overlap and depending on how much the card is embellished I think I'll get at least 12 cards in each box. In the picture there are 6 cards in the box and there's plenty of room left for more :-D

I've almost finished the giveaways and tomorrow I hope to start on our uniforms...if they turn out the way I hope we will be stunnalicious lol. Fingers crossed I'll have something to show you on Wednesday :-D

The mailman brought me a flabulous package yesterday...samples from Gaynor and Ann!! Here are a few of them...

Aren't they flabulous! I'm so happy about Pram Nikki because there are some samples I can't seem to find and she was one of them. Time is running out and I wasn't sure I'd be able to get one made on top of everything else I'm doing.

We've had another great response to last weeks Baby challenge and tomorrow is the last day to buy Baby Baby at the special price of £6.99. Don't forget Hayley as a fantastic sale going on right now...10% discount and free p&p over £20...just enter the code TLTLADYBUGS at the checkout :-D

I think that's it from me for tonight. Hope you've had a great weekend.

Thanks for stopping.

Catch ya later x


Sue said...

Wow, it looks as if you are getting there! I'll get mine in the post to you this week :-)
Sue xx

theCook said...

Hey, I can recognize some of my cards in the pictures! Love the samples, especially the girls gone shopping!
Think you'll have enough cards to have a nice covered stand, right?

Lisa Jane said...

wowee - i think the cards from Anne and Gaynor are just flabby-i hope you have enough now lol... whose carrying the bags??
cant wait to see the uniforms
Lisa ;)

Hayley @ said...

I've got to post mine too :)
Looks like you'll have LOADS of samples!!!! I can just see you arriving at the airport with entourage in tow with all your bags LOL!!!

Hayley @ said...

I'd forgotten to say the cards look fantastic!! I love Nikki and Ben under the mistletoe, it's beautiful!

Rusty said...

lots of beautiful cards, you are lucky! love the new additions aswell!! just chill and relax, it will all come together in the end xxx

A New Crafter said...

Wow, what a selection of cards, glancing at them they look brilliant, you'll do down a storm. Now, we wait patiently for the uniforms....Anne

Dora said...

O wow so many cards and all look so beautiful. Thank you for popping by. Hugs xxx

Whimsey said...

WOW - lots of cards; I hope you have 2 of each as you wanted!?!

I know I need to order more stamps too. :D I hope the show is EVERYTHING you've dreamed of and more!!!

Uniforms? Oh, you girls are going to be the HIT of the show; they'll be asking for your autographs left & right. tee hee

Can't wait to see pix.


Pami said...

You will have uniforms too!!? Wow! We want photos!!!! Well it looks like you are pretty organised! And the new cards look fabulous! Pami x

Annette said...

The girls have done a great job with the samples. Flowers and letters are finished, Eilidh helped to stick them together today and I am finding the cricut is so much fun!!! so that's another job done, I am soooooooo excited for you!!! AX

pinky said...

Wow think you are well covered now lol

Mary J said...

Wow! Those cards are just super!

Are your uniforms going to be ladybug costumes?!! Please say yes!