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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again...

This is it peeps...the final countdown eek!!! I THINK I've got everything packed...samples, passport, tickets, money, laptop (once I've finished this lol), uniforms, Skechers. Well... um there might be a little problem with the Skechers. When I tried on my black trousers they were a little itty bit on the tight side so Monday night I was surfing the net for high waisted trousers to tuck that muffin top in. Finally found a pair in Matalan of all places. Thing was Tuesday I was taking Ruby to Stirling for her checkup at 11 and I had to get my business cards in Falkirk so what I did was found a Matalan in Falkirk in case I had time on the way but also another couple in case I had to go on the way back. We set off at 8:50 to drop Rocky off at Doggy Daycare then headed to Falkirk, got my business cards and directions to Matalan...found the store and raced in and grabbed 2 pairs (£14 each...can't beat that and they're pretty flab!) and managed to get to the vets in time for Ruby's appoointment. So back to the Skechers. The longest length the trousers came in was 31" and I'm at least 33". I tried the shoes on and I looked ridiculous...shouts of 'the floods over' rang in my ears so I grabbed a pair of scissors and let the hem down. Still didn't look right so I tried on another pair of black trainerish shoes I've got and they're fine. So after all that about my Skechers and my Cindy Crawford butt it looks like I'll have to put up with a saggy bottom for a bit longer hmph!

As you know my team have made samples for CHA. I haven't posted any of them on here because they've posted them on their own blogs. But I wanted to show you a couple of things Annette made for me. You are gonna love these and if they don't sell a stamp or two along with all the other gorgeous samples then nothing will!

When I was in CW the other week Annette asked me to pick up one of those chipboad circle albums but they didn't have one. They did however have a cupcake one and this is what Annette came up with...

Annette stamped Cupcake Cutie - Cherry on Top onto shrink plastic, coloured it then shrunk it!

A cupcake recipe and Make a Wish

Cupcake Stack

Wagon full of Cupcakes

and finally Cherry on Top

The end!

Annette had posted on her blog a little set of cards using Buttercup In the Doghouse and Curious she'd made for a friend. Of course I loved it straight away and asked if she'd make me one for CHA and she did :-D



Roof lifted

Notecards and envelopes

Curious Buttercup. How adorable are these projects!

Once again thank you to my Lovely Ladybugs for their samples, Elaine and Annette for cutting out my stand decorations with their Cricuts and samples and all my friends, family and you for your help, support and encouragement in getting me to CHA. I'm so excited, nervous, scared all at once but I've got BFF and my sisters to keep me calm and hopefully we'll have a great time. I look forward to meeting some of the people's blogs I follow... I'll be blog struck lololol! I plan on taking plenty of pictures and trying to post as much as I can so you can see how we're doing.

I guess I'd better get to my bed or I'll sleep through my alarm! Have a great week and thanks for stopping by :-D

Catch ya later x


Roni said...

Oh my goodness Kerry! I don't think you'll get the chance to sleep through your alarm, as you'll be too excited and not sleep at all!!! It'll be like the kids at christmas time waiting for santa! Lol!

Good luck with everything, I hope it all goes smoothly, take care of each other and please enjoy yourself and try not to stress too much!

I've got every faith in you, you'll do great, all of you will and you will look amazing in your uniforms!

Looking forward to your updates!

Lots of hugs
Roni :O) xoxox

Anita said...

Have a safe trip and most of all ... have FUN! I can't wait to see your pictures.

theCook said...

Looove the doghouse!
Have a great time!

Annette said...

WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!! It's finally go girlXXXXXXXXXXX AX

Lyndi said...

Have a safe flight Kerry!

You'll do great!

C u when u get back with all your great pics and news!


Alison said...

Didnt the girl do well!!!! Well done Annette!!!

Best of luck Kerry....not that you will be needing it. Your stamps and all the gorgeous samples you have will sell them no problem.

Have fun and try bringing back a little bit of

See you soon
Ali xx

del-16.p said...

Love all the samples you have shown us today.Good luck in USA.

craftyrufus said...

Good luck and safe travelling! Don't stress too much the quality of your stamps and samples will woo the buyers. See you soon and look forward to hearing all about your american exploits!!!

A New Crafter said...

Dear Kerry, good luck and hope all goes fantastic for you, you will bowl them over! Just be your charming yourself and the rest will happen, wishing you and the team well (and love the samples!!!!) Anne

Hayley @ said...

OH MY GOODNESS, I wonder where you are now at 13:50 GMT??!!? On a plane busy chatting and giggling away excited, sat in the departure lounge/bar with a glass of bubbly?!?! So so so so excited for you, Annette's creations are amazing. Have a safe trip, keep smiling and ENJOY IT!!!! Lots of love

John & Margaret said...

Loved Annette's creations.
Here's to a fabulous, successful trip and looking forward to hearing all about it.

Whimsey said...

Dang; that Annette chick loves you eh? LOL

They are AMAZING samples - MEGAMAZING to be exact!

Hope you are having a BLAST; be good (ha ha ha); leave the whip under the table and all will be GREAT.

Hugs, travel safe!

Mary J said...

Hello honey! Oh wow, what fab samples - totally great!!!

I bet you are having a great time and woo'ing the crowds!! I can't wait to hear how you're getting on - hurry up!!!

Mary J xxxx

Rusty said...

Woooohooo! Go get em gal! bad news about the skechers, but I reckon the saggy bottom look will be back in fashion soon! lol have a flabulous time! so excited for you! xxx

Lisa Jane said...

oh wowee.. i wish i had guessed at more sales now seeing those samples = they will definitely do the trick lol- they are stunnaliscious!
By now you will be nearly there ,, have been thinking of you all day.. whilst i was wandering over Ilkley Moor ... freezing lol
Pity about the sketchers lol..

Cant wait for th next installment
Lisa x

Pami said...

Hope you got there ok Kerry!! Takes loads of photos!! Can't wait to hear all about it. Pami x