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Monday, 24 January 2011

Miss me?

Phew...what a busy time I'm having! Have you ever been soooo busy that you can't remember what you've done? That's me at the moment lol. I'm slowly getting through my list and getting things packed for CHA. Did I tell you I was going??? LOL I've only had one coffee so far today so I'm not THAT giddy!!

Anywho, thought I'd just check in with a few things while I've got a couple of minutes. First thing is did anyone get their Cardmaking & Papercraft magazine yet??? Well if you didn't check this out...

Nikki & Ben have made the 'My Favourite Valentine's' page :-D It's not strictly a Valentine's stamp but that just shows you the versatility of the stamp. A lot of Valentine's stamps are restricted in their uses but this one can be ANYTHING be it Anniversary, I love you, thinking of you...whatever your imagination allows. So that was very exciting. Also there's a rumour going around my mug is in the Papercraft Essentials magazine...I only hope they got my good side lololol.

Next I want to show you a card that arrived this morning and put a big smile on my face. This card was sent to me by Magnum & Lily's illustrator's daughter Chloe (still with me lol?) who is 10 (I hope I got that right!) I went to visit Moira and Chloe last weekend for a catch up. I spent a lovely few hours with them and the new addition to their family ... a very fluffy ball of fur called Oscar. This is the card Chloe made...

Look at the colouring...I'm sure I couldn't colour that well when I was 10! If you click on the picture you'll see the beads and crystals Chloe's has glued on. She's assured me that this card took a long time to make lol and I believe it!!

Don't you just love the sentiment she put with Catflap Magnum lol. Thank you Chloe...I LOVE my card :-D

I thought I'd treat you to a few more cards that Ann and Gaynor sent me the other week....

Cute or what!



I've got to get on with more packing and rethink the clothes I'm taking with me to LA. I got an email confirmation from the hotel this morning and at the bottom it gives the 7 day forecast...the average temperature is 23 degrees Celsius and it's going to be sunny for the most part! I know we'll be indoors for 4 of the days we're there but there's the other 3 to take into consideration. Heat.. I can't wait to feel warm again without having to wear layers and turn the thermostat up to high!

Oh...I just remembered how my morning went (my head's all over the place lol)...I met Suzy Q at CB to pick up a clip board she got for me at CW at the weekend. Then I went to Elaine's to pick up the ladybugs she cut out for me with her Cricut. I then picked up some dog food and finally went to the PO to post a couple of orders. I parked my car and walked around to the main street where I nipped into a cobblers to get some heel lifts as my super duper Skechers are digging into my ankles. I came out of there only to realise I left my mail in the car so headed back only to arrive at my car for it to dawn on me I'd put the mail in my handbag doh!!! Back to the main street to the PO. I'm standing in line next to be served when when an old dear comes back to the front of the line (she'd just been served)...chats to a lady saying she'd forgot to post a letter when she'd paid a bill and wasn't going to stand in the line again and promptly stood in front of me! She didn't look at me...didn't ask if I minded...didn't even look embarrassed. I turned to the lady behind me and she was already shaking her head and tutting lol. If she had just asked me if I minded it wouldn't have bothered me. When it should have been my turn she walked straight up to the window and did her business and turned and walked away! I called out after her 'your welcome' and she didn't even flinch! And they talk about young people being rude!!

Ok, that's definitely it for me for today. Hope you have a great week. Make sure you stop by tomorrow for will {heart} what the team have got for you :-D

Catch ya later x


theCook said...

So many beautiful cards! love the heart buttons on the last one...

Lisa Jane said...

where do i start .. firstly i hope Chloe's card is going to CHA with you ..its fab - but then i do love Magnum lol
Al the other cards are fab too.. yes- i know what you mean about forgetting things cos you are soo busy .. been there, done that lol.. got a few t shirts lol
Just off back to work now via the post office lol
Lisa ;)

Pami said...

What a megamazing card by Chloe!! And the others are fabulous as well. Just checking but you have got a ticket and an update to date passport havent you!!!! :-) Pami x

FairyD said...


Seriously woman, you're going to do yourself an injury!!!!!

Chloe, that card is magnificent....I'm a tiny bit older than ten and I couldn't make a card that good.

You will remember to pack yourself on Friday, won't you!??!?

Gayle x

pinky said...

You are going to explode any minute Kerry lol. Don't know how you are coping at all. Love all the lovely cards and wow to that gorgeous colouring of Chloe!! Get her on the team lol.

Elaine said...

Lots of georgeous cards especially Chloe's card. I'd be delighted if my colouring was that good! What an old bag in the PO lol! xx

Mary J said...

Are you sure you've only had one coffee honey?!! I'm tired just reading your post! That bloomin' rude lady - I'm pleased that at least you kept your dignity!!

What a gorgeous set of cards - those baby ones are just wonderful! And Chloe's - well, what a great eye for design already!!

Sue said...

Wow, love Chloe's card, and the sentiment is priceless :-) Fab cards from Gaynor and Ann sent too, love the colours and the heart buttons are adorable.
Can't believe the rudeness of some people though, think your response was perfect :-)
Sue xx

Whimsey said...

You breathe? Sheesh, I have to breathe after reading that! LOL

The cards are adorable; Chloe wins hands down - she can rock a wicked - crayon?? - pencil??, whatever she used, her coloring is flab! And those crystals - ADORABLE!

Keep paddlin' girlfriend, your almost there!