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Friday, 7 January 2011

And my news is....

Happy Wednesday Friday! Did you think this was a slow week lol? I really was hoping I was going to keep to my NY resolutions. I broke the first one straight away which was to be organised. I think I'm turning into my mother lol but don't tell her that!

 Now that I've created a two Wednesday I'll share my news with you. I've actually got a few things but the BIGGIE is I'm going to CHA (Craft and Hobby Exhibition) . For those of you who don't know what that is is a huge trade show in LA which starts January 29th - February 1 and I leave on the 27th and return on February 4th. Retailer's from all over the world attend to buy the latest products on the market for their stores. I have hummed and hawed over this for months...will I/won't I but finally bit the bullet and signed up and although I am absolutely mega excited I'm terrified
at the same time! It's in the downtown Conference Center and we'll be in the International Pavillion, Stand #4504. I get emails asking if there are any retailer's in the States selling LCI stamps and up until recently there hasn't been. I do get orders on the website from US customers but I think like any crafter you really don't want to have to wait to play.

I say we as the bestest thing is my sisters Shelly, Tracey and BFF are coming to help me!!!! How flabulous is that :-D I haven't seen my sisters in over two years so I'm uber excited. We've added a couple of days at the end so we can have some fun together before Karen and I fly home. There's no point going all that way just to work now is there lol. I'm meeting Karen at London Heathrow and we fly out to LA together where Shell and Trace arrive 30 minutes after we do!

My DT have been overly megamazing making samples for my booth. They have really worked hard over the last few months cutting/scoring/colouring/glitterfying and I'm sure wondering why the heck they agreed when I asked for help lol. We're all so busy with our own lives, I  know finding the time to craft for yourself let alone a crazy Head Ladycow is hard! I've seen a few of the samples and as usual are flabulous and I know they'll go a long way in securing some orders. Thank you are THE best :-D

Now if there is anyone outside of the UK reading this and know someone from their local craft store will be attending CHA and would love to see Nikki, Magnum & Lily or any of the other LCI stamps in their store let them know I'll be there (blush...sorry for the shameful plug lol)

As you know there is a blog hop this coming week with a new release which I hope you'll love as much as I do. I've also got a new range of stamps coming in February so keep your eyes peeled for that.

One of my other NY's resolutions was to get fit. I started going to Zumba way back in June and absolutely loved it but just after I started I went away for a week and just never had the time to go back to it. Over Christmas I baked...mostly for other people...and ate a lot of it! I'm feeling pretty sluggish and don't even talk to me about muffin tops ...and I don't mean the blueberry kind! I was in Tesco the other day and I guess like a lot of stores at the moment they're pushing the fitness dvd's and latest and greatest equipment on the market. I've had a thing about kettlebells for months now and as I was passing one of the end shelving units saw a display of Kettlenetics. I stopped in my tracks and picked one up and a quick read...all I needed to read was Slim & Tone and it was in my basket lol. It was on special offer from £29.99 to £19.99 and I thought I would research it on the interet when I got home and if it didn't get good reviews I'd take it back. Lucky (or unlucky lol) for me it got rave reviews so I did my first session yesterday morning. For those that done know what a kettlebell is it's a weight with a handle that you swing around and helps tone you. The kb that came with the dvd is 4 lbs and you're probably thinking that it would be easy peasy and to a certain extent it the time... but can I tell you this morning that I'm aching all over!!! The instructor is a professional dancer as well so the moves are a little dance orientated which makes it a lot more fun than just swinging it around. Because of the way she's devised the program it's supposed to slim and tone you quicker than if you did dance/weights/running seperately. Time will tell and I'll let you know how I get on.

Well that's my news...I hope you're not disappointed lol. I might not be around as much in the coming weeks but I will try and get some crafting done to show you. I do however have a flabulous card from Jeanie to show you. She emailed it to me the other day and said she was posting it to her blog today and that she was going to mail it asap. I was so excited and replied saying how much I loved it and that it will look great on the stand at CHA (Jeanie has sent me ALL her cards she's made since August!) and blah blah blah. Poor Jeanie had to tell me that it wasn't for me and that it was for her aunt and that when she said she was going to mail it she meant to her aunt and not me rofl!!!

Have a great weekend...thanks for stopping by :-D

Catch ya later xx


FairyD said...

Oh Kerry...that's wonderful news....WELL DONE YOU!!!

I'll have everything crossed for you. Can I get your autograph tomorrow when we meet!?!?!

FairyD x

Julye said...

I bet you'll have a fab time sounds like fun.

Lisa Jane said...

OH... that OLD news lol

only joking... its so fab fab fab .. and i know all the DT want to sneak into your suitcase.
You wont need kettleballs when you have lugged all our samples round lol

Lisa ;)
ps jeanie's card is full of gorjossity!

Rusty said...

About time you let the cat out of the bag :) you make us ladybugs sound super special!! xxxx Gorgeous card Jeannie xx

Kerry said...

You ARE super special Tams lol!!! xx

theCook said...

Jeanie's card is beautiful... you made me laugh with the aunt's birthday card on your CHA stand!

Sue said...

Excellent news, hoping it all goes well... right better get cracking with the rest of the samples :-) Sue xx

Hayley @ said...

YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!! Awwww thank you for the love, we like lots of Ladybug Love!!! I'm so excited for you, I think the CHA will be fantastic for LCI!! I'm just soooooooo jealous hmpf! I could pay for the extra luggage and go in your case couldn't I?!?! LOL!!!
Jeanie's card is gorgeous (as per usual, that lady is amazing!!) I had to laugh about the mailing/Aunt scenario though... doh!!!

Whimsey said...

YIPPEE!!!!! Cannot wait for the US to meet LCI up close and personal!! :D

Hope you girlies have a marvelous time!!

Annette said...

WOW! WOW! WOW! I know it will be a great succes,enjoy every minute you deserve it, oh ps. i am so not busy then and will be totaly available to carry bags, feed you grapes and lick your feet!!!!!!!!! Annette x

Pami said...

FABULOUS!! So exciting, Are you sure you dont want anyone else to carry your bags!! It will be brilliant, well done you. Pami x

Mary J said...

I can't believe you're not taking the team with you!!!! You will have to promise that you'll take lots of piccies and share them with us!!!

Lyndi said...

OH! What flabby news! Sooo happy for you, will be a fab opportunity to get your stamps out to the world market and lovely to see your sisters after such a long time. Have a super time in LA.

PS: I'm only 5'2" and can easily squeeze into a small suitcase LOL :o) xx

Sew-Ink said...

Wonderful news! You will have a fabulous time CHA!
Jeanie's card is gorgeous!

Carrie said...

Fabby news.. I bet they will all be after your wonderful Images... As for the card....STUNNING!!! Now I want are a bad influence on me lol xx

The Spotted Chick said...

Oh Kerry, you make me laugh!! Sorry for the mix-up! I know you'll do EXCELLENT at CHA! Who could resist my lil' Magnum??? He'll be sold out the first day I bet! LOL! Have a wonderful time with your sisters and friends. I'll be thinking about you and wishing I was there! {{{hen hugs}}}

Meahni said...

That is fantastic news Kerry! I am sure you will enjoy the trip, and I wish you LOADS of luck!
All the best

mixamatoasties said...

Fantastic news!

pinky said...

I can just feel it in my water that things are going to take off for you this year Kerry, how could they fail with such wonderful stamps!!

Jovita AKA Tia Goofy said...

Super News! lots of luck!! enjoy your trip.

Lindsey said...

Ha haha! I saw those kettle things too....or rather hubby did. I can tell you he got an almighty slap when he picked up a pair and said in all seriousness "You could do with something like this!" Cheeky git. One day I plan to fly away on my bingo wings!
Ooooh get you and your exotic trips! Sounds fab! You will be going global soon! You're right about sample making sales too.....I think you owe Pami A LOT of commission because every time I visit her blog she costs me a small fortune!
Anyway enough blabbering on from me. Have a very happy and health 2011 and have a fantastic time in LA dahhhling. Did you know if you make it there you'll make it anywhere? Or is that New York New York!
Linds x

Lindsey said...

Bottom. After that short dissertation i've just written, forgout to say the card is beautiful!

Lindsey said...

Forgout?! What is wrong with me today!

Roni said...

First of all, what a gorgeous card from Jeanie, I did have a wee smile on my face reading your wee mix up and you are right it would've looked good on your stand but Jeanie's Aunty will love it all the same!

Secondly, OMG excellent news Kerry, I'm excited for you! We just hear about the CHA from the lucky shop owners who go looking for lots of new goodies or read up on it on the other lucky peeps blog pages and it looks amazing!

You are a lovely person Kerry, your stamps are gorgeous and you have a great team behind you, so go knock their sox off!

Hugs Roni :O) xoxox