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Thursday, 20 January 2011

One week today...

...I'll have landed at Heathrow and looking for BFF {squeal}!!!!!!!! I can't believe it's only a week before I go. It seemed so far off before Christmas and now it's almost here and I'm in the middle of chaos trying to make sure I've got everything...ticking my non existent list (must make another one PDQ!).

 But there is good news people...I remembered where my samples are!!!! I was getting myself into a right twist yesterday trying to remember where on earth they could be. My memory is shocking these days...I'm hoping it's just on overload at the moment...and I was making a last ditch phone call to one of my customers thinking I'd lent them to her (knowing deep down I hadn't but I had to try) and just when she answered, the light bulb went on in my head....Craft World!!!! I finally remembered I had taken them to the SECC for Gaynor and Donald to use on their stand. I'd made arrangements in November to pick them up so off I went to the store...chatted away to all the girls...bought some stash....walked out and went home....without the samples!!! I called Gaynor and sure enough they were still there so I'm heading over today to pick them up....PHEW!!!! That's one crisis over lol.

BFF called last was supposed to be a quick ten minute hour and 10 minutes later we were still yakking lol. Of course we are going to LA to work (honest) but we have one full day to shop before we get our flight home so we were planning where we were going to go. As there are 4 of us it might be tricky to all agree on the same place but we'll give it a go. BFF works for the Post Office and she gave me a top tip. If you're going to the States (I'm sure other countries are included in this) and want to buy your $'s, order them through the PO online to be sent to your local PO and you'll get a higher rate...even higher than going into the PO!!

My fellow Ladybug Mary J has awarded all us Ladybugs an award...My Blog Has Attitude! How cool is that...thanks Mary J :-D

For this award I have to tell you 3 things you don't know about me. Now I don't know how interesting these are but here goes...

1) OH proposed 2 weeks after we met. I said no to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd proposal. I got sick, thought I was dying and proposed to him (didn't want to die without being married!). Six months to the day we met we got married

2) My mom was born in Shanghai China and is half Chinese which makes me 1/4 Chinese

3) I played softball for 10 years and was the star pitcher

The deal is I have to pass this award onto another 5 but don't feel you need to do's just a bit of fun :-D

Now speaking of Jeanie, I received another email from her at the beginning of the week with another flabulous card. This one's for TKT - That's Krafty Thursday and you all know Jeanie LOVES her kraft cs! You will LOVE this one....

Isn't Buttercup gorgeous! Jeanie's used one of my favourite ladybug pp's....I think I've got a small piece of it left saved for a special occasion :-D

Ok, that's it for me for today (phew says you lol). I've got plenty on my plate so I'm going to skedaddle. Hope you have a great Thursday. Keep those entries coming in for the Challenge..they're looking flabulous!

Catch ya later x


Lisa Jane said...

countdown really begins now lol.. no pressure!
I bet you are sooo extracited !!
Love Jeanies card .. that image is fab... i was only looking at it yetserday lol
Have a great day .. albeit bisy
Lisa ;)

Lisa Jane said...

oops meant busy lol..before you get the red pen out !

Annette said...

woo hoo I'VE GOT ATTITUDE.....BIG TIME!!!!! LOL!!! AX

theCook said...

To try to keep the stress down, treat yourself with a nice bubble bath... Works well sometimes!
Wow, you were quick to wed! My husband and I took seven years...

FairyD said...

Kerry...I can match you on the love at first sight...the night I met my husband apparently I told everyone that would listen that he would be the father of my children one day!!!! Five years later we were married and our daughter was born 'nearly' exactly a year later (she was actually 5 days early or she would have been born ON our first wedding anniversary!!)

Your stomach must be SO giddy right now.....and your head's everywhere but BOY will it all be worth it.

Thank you for nominating me for an award!!!! What do I need to do for that?!?!? Do I have to tell the world all my secrets?!??! OOeeers ;oD

Gayle x

Pami said...

Hi Kerry, I am reading this post really quickly in my head because its the way I imagine you saying it in your head, if you see what I mean!! One, two, three, deep breath! Pami x

Alison said...

Oh Kerry thanks very much for my very first award...Im all excited!!! I like to think i have a little bit of ATTITUDE... lol.

We can all tell how excited you are getting about next week. Just you have fun and enjoy the experience.

Jeanies card is gorgeous. I would love to colour my images the way she does.Maybe one day!!!

Ali xx

Whimsey said...

I love your story of going to get the samples and then leaving without them - YOU are too funny!

Can't wait for you to arrive in the US; can't wait to hear about the show - will you be able to take lots of pictures? Hope our cards inspire some serious money to be spent at LCI! :D

Travel safe; can't wait to see the "uniforms".

Love Jeanie's card; she's amazing!

Mary J said...

Wow, one week to go - so excited for you!!!!!

So that's why we get on so well - Chinese genes!!

That Jeanie is toooo talented, don't you think?! She should the talent!

Rusty said...

Not that you are at all extracited!! LOL ... you are sounding like a child in a sweet shop!! lol beautiful card from Jeanie! x

Hayley @ said...

EEEEEEEEEEEK!!!! So so so so so so so extracited for you!!!! You're going to do megamazingly!!!!

PS- Jeanie's card is fabulous, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! x