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Wednesday, 19 January 2011


What did you think of TLT? How flabulous were my girls cards yesterday! We've already got some great entries for the challenge already...can't wait to see what you all come up with. I'm definitely a fan of shaped cards now!
So today I'm feeling a bit stressed. I've managed to supress it these last few weeks but for some reason I had a moment today but think I'm back on track. I was walking Ruby and Rocky this morning and I could feel myself getting all tight inside, the throat restricted and the tears rising. Boy what a wimp lol! I think the long walk helped and I'm raring to go...sort of!

I haven't updated you on Ruby for a while. She's doing great. She's on lead walks and as each week goes by we can add another 5 minutes. She had a blood test today to check her thyroid levels and next week we go back to the surgeon to get her leg x-rayed. She's chomping at the bit to go out without her lead but I have a feeling it will be another month or so before that's allowed. I've noticed that when Ruby walks her hind leg is more centered as opposed to out to the side and also when she does a wee she squats more than putting the leg out for balance. So it's all good with her :-D

I managed to finish the uniforms last night bar one. I ordered 8 black t-shirts from Gap Online...if you ordered over 3 you got an extra 25% off :-D I figured we'd get a bit smelly if we only had one each to wear for the 4 days of CHA so I went all out and treated us to 2 each lol. Of course they were a bit plain but I had a plan. I'd hoped to be able to buy crystal ladybug transfers and just iron them on and get the job done in 10 minutes but the only ladybug ones I found were pot know the ones with the legs and beady eyes...blech. The ones I did like were international and I wasn't prepared to pay the exhorbitant postage so had a thunk to myself and decided I would do it myself! At the time it sounded like a great difficult could it be??? The first idea I had was to print off one of the images I liked then punch the holes to place the crystals in (I did look for a template but there was one for every insect but a ladybug!) then set them with my Kandi Kane. After 5 minutes of hammering I decided that wasn't going to work so set about doing it by placing the crystals myself using a picture as a guide. This is the end result....what do you think?

I am over the moon with how they turned out and although it took about an hour per t-shirt it was worth it. They are so sparkly IRL...I used Crystal Clear and Siam Swarovski crystals. I did try on a t-shirt to make sure I got the ladybug in the right spot so I hope I did...I'm afraid to try mine on now lol. The sizes range from x-small, small and medium but I'm sure our boobs (can I say that on a blog!!!) are going to be in the same place rofl.

Here is a close up...picture isn't great but I think I did a great job (nothing like patting yourself on the back lol) I ended up cutting out 3 circles with my Nesties, cutting one in half for the wings, one for the body and one for the head. I lay it on the t-shirt and placed the crystals along the outside edges, head and belly then did the rest by eye. I found the antenae the most tedius but I watched Glee and CSI to get me through it lol.

I'm a bit upset because I can't find some of my samples. I've lent some out in the past and I'm sure I've collected them all back but there are some I would have loved to take with me. I'm sure I have enough with what the DT have done for me but you never know if that one sample will seal the deal! I've turned the house upside down and I only hope I haven't thrown them out by mistake. I can't imagine doing that but stranger things have happened.

Today's task is to re-design the order form, print them off, sort the samples into their boxes and see how much space they take up in my new super duper extra large bag. Honestly...I think all those who volunteered to help would fit into the bag lol.

Ok...that's enough. Hope I haven't sent you to sleep :-S Thanks for popping in :-D

Catch ya later x


Lisa Jane said...

I love the t shirts .. well done you .. you will all look absolutely flabarooni!!
Cant wait to see the pics of you wearing them
Lisa ;)

theCook said...

Wow, that ladybug is fantastic! Love, love, love it! You should try stopping to search, that's usually when you stop looking for them that things you search reappear...

Hayley @ said...

They look AMAZING!!!!! You should be so pleased and proud with what you've accomplished!!!!
Box of stuff is on it's way to you today :D ran out of time yesterday sorry :(
Hope you like everything

FairyD said...

Oh there's room for 'little ole me'!?!?!? lol.....uniforms look'll be all sparkly right at your boobies....don't hit any strange men when they can't take their eyes away from your chest though...just rememeber they're admiring your handiwork!!!!!!;oD

Gayle x

Pami said...

They look AMAZING, we want photos of you in them!! Although I have to say you did give yourself a little EXTRA stress by doing these!! BUT they are worth it! Pami x

Sue said...

How brilliant are your tops! You have done a fab job and they are totally unique :-) Love 'em :-)
My box of goodies is on it's way to you in the morning cos I missed the post today (humph...)
Sue xx

pinky said...

I am totally impressed Kerry, you girls are going to light up the town!! Hope the cards turn up, probably tucked away somewhere safe lol. No point telling you to calm down, I'm excited and I aint going!!

Alison said...

oohhh Im geting all excited for you Kerry. T-Shirts look GREAT!!! Once you are there you will be fine. You have nothing to worry about. Wish i was coming too lol

Ali xx

p.maider said...

Well done Kerry. T shirts look fantastic!! Who knows - you may get orders for them :)

Anita said...

Oh, Kerry, I LOVE these shirts! You will all look ladybug-alicious in them. You really did do a wonderful job. Be sure to take lots of pictures. I'm glad to hear Ruby is doing well.

Annette said...

T.Shirts look great Kerry, the ladybug turned out really well AX

Rusty said...

Wow they are absolutely Stunnalicious! well done hun xxx