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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Booth set up

Greetings from LA!!!

I am too pooped to chat so I'm just going to show you pictures of  us setting up the booth.

This is what we saw when we arrived this morning (Friday) We all got super excited :-D

No rest for the wicked...BFF and Shelly putting the velcro dots on the flowers

Tracey decorating the work counter

Annette's hard work

Mrs Spock lol

Getting there


This is how we left it though we have a few things to do on opening day (Saturday - we're 8 hours behind so it's still Friday as I'm typing this) The creative director (Tracey) is going to make a table out of cardboard boxes and cover them with black fabric we bought. We're going to put 3D items on there so will take a picture and show you the final result on my next post.

Sue from Craftwork Cards is across from us and Debbi Moore beside us so it's like little UK in LA lololol. I needed a hole punch so wandered around the other booths to see if I could borrow one when I stumbled across none other than Emily from Stamping Bella and her hubby Ryan! It was flabulous to meet her in person as we had shared some emails in the past. I'll try and persuade her to get her picture taken with
me :-D.

That's me for bed is calling and I've got a big day ahead....hope I can get some sleep! Will report back tomorrow.

Catch ya later x


Anita said...

Kerry, the booth looks beautiful! Thank you for taking the time to share pictures, even though I know you are all exhausted. Good luck tomorrow. Can't wait for your next update.

theCook said...

The booth looks great! Thanks for sharing those pictures! Have a wonderful time!!!

FairyD said...'ve all done such an amazing job of transforming that little white booth!! Can't wait to see you all with your uniforms on too. We can't wait to hear the next installment.

FairyD x

Alison said...

Looking Good!!! Have a great time Kerry xx

Ali x

*psychangel* said...

The booth looks amazing Kerry!! Good luck! Hugs, Ang x

Elaine said...

Looks fab, Hope you have a great time x

Lisa Jane said...

Been thinking of you ... it looks STUNNALISCIOUS girls ... just ooozing with GORJOSSITY!!!!
I love love it!!
YOu will knock their socks off!!!
Go girls Go!!
Lisa x
ps cant wait for the next installment

Sue said...

The booth looks stunning! Looking forward to hearing how things went :-)
Sue xx

Whimsey said...

(((Scream))) - LOVE IT, looks fantabulous!! Can't wait to hear how things go!!!

Go Ladycows go!!!

Pami said...

ooooh, i've been thinking about you and wondering how it was going!! It looks fabulous you have been working so hard!! Looking forward to the next installment!!! Good luck! Pami x

Annette said...

OOOOOMMMMMMMMGGGGGG!!!!!! I have the biggest lump in my throat, I am so delighted for you, the booth looks, (what did Lisa Jane say) STUNNALICIOUS Go Girls Go...........AXXXXXXX

pinky said...

Its looking good Kerry, you will all be exhausted!! What a great bunch you have there helping you;) GOOD LUCK!!

Rusty said...

Looking good lady!! wowee you must be all exhausted! Can't wait to hear from you again!! Go get em girl!! xx

Suzy Q said...

WWWOOOOWWWEEEEE!!!! looking good!! Annette I have 2 say a whole load of that is down 2 you!!! (eh... When YOU want something done, can you find anyone 2 help?? Lol!)
Good luck 2 the 4 of you!! Thinking of you guys xxx

Hayley @ said...

I've been wondering how you've all been getting on, 8 hours behind that makes it 3:20pm with you so I hope you're hard at work selling selling selling!! Ooooooh I really hope it's gone well!!!! The stand looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!! Thank you for sharing pics, it's great to see how it all looks!!! So excited for you {{{hugs}}} xxxx

Roni said...

Well done Kerry (and the girls), your booth looks F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C! Goodluck for today I hope it went well and all your hardwork pays off!
Even though you were exhausted Kerry, a great big THANK YOU for posting, it was great to see you all!
Hugs Roni :O) xox

Lynn Ainsworth said...

oh Kerry - it looks brilliant. So excited for you - and can't wait to hear all about it! Have a fantastic time! Thinking of you... Lynn x

Mary J said...

The stand looks flabulous! Magamazing!! I am living the dream through you!!