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Monday, 12 April 2010

It's all go

I'm without a car this week. Part of me panics because you don't realise how much you rely on your car until you don't have it. We've been car sharing for almost a year so I'm pretty much used to it now ...we're lucky because if I really need to get out I can get the train about a 30 second walk from my front door! Today I was meeting a friend for coffee at D'Lish (don't tell Annette because it wasn't her!) and I could have got the train but decided to took me half an hour but it was a gorgeous day I didn't mind. It also meant I could have a piece of banana nut fudge loaf and not worry lol.
This is another card made by Ann. I love the minky-brown and turquoise unusual combination but it works and I think the colours really suit Dancing Nikki.

You can see all the layers in the picture below.

When I was hanging out my laundry on Saturday I noticed a ladybug on one of the boys t-shirts. To me a ladybug symbolizes my Grandpa who died in 1996...(I did post a story about it but I can't find it!)...and I hadn't seen a ladybug for a long long time...possibly since last summer. So you can imagine I was extremely happy to have a visit from this little guy. He didnt' hang around for long but I'm glad my Grandpa came to check up on me.

That's it for tonight...Steven's hounding me for the laptop so I'd better let him have it.
Thanks for stopping by.
Catch ya later x

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