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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Bad dentist!!

I had a dentist appointment this morning. I go every three months alternating the dentist with the hygienist and today was a check up with the dentist. My dentist is lovely but she's on maternity leave so I had the stand in. I couldn't tell you his name because he didn't introduce black mark. Not a lot of chat was happening...bit hard I suppose when you're lying there with your mouth wide open but I usually get a bit of 'at' going on with Nicola. Anywho, the stand in dentist starts to examine my teeth and gets the scraping tool out...just to let you know I'm ok with the dentist...not scared, quite happy to go...but one thing I DO NOT like is the power tool that chips the plaque off your teeth and that is noted on my card so full marks to SID for at least reading it! I don't know if he'd had a bad morning or a fight with the wife but all I can say is he attacked my teeth with gusto! If the hook dug into my gums once it dug in a hundred times. When he finally finished with the bottom teeth he told me to rinse....don't know what I was expecting but it certainly wasn't all the blood floating around in the spit bowl! Back I went for round 2 and he started off quite gently so I thought there obviously wasn't as much scraping needed as the bottom...WRONG!!! I started thinking that maybe Nicola and Debbie the Hygenist weren't doing their jobs right because it certainly didn't hurt like this when they did my teeth. My hands were starting to hurt from clenching them so hard but finally I was allowed to rinse again....more blood. By this point I was wondering if I'd need a blood transfusion when he was finished!!! When I heard him say 'just lay back now and I'll polish your teeth and scrape anything I've missed' I seriously wanted to jump out of the chair and run out! Surely there wasn't anything left to scrape....not even enamel lol. My mouth was really sore by the time SID finished...I asked him when Nicola was back and he replied with July...bit soon after having a baby isn't it? Cheeky least I won't have him digging in my mouth when I'm due my next appointment.
So after all that rambling here's my card. I've had this stamp for about 7 years and it hasn't seen daylight in about 6 1/2!!! It's by Me & My Big Ideas and I love it!

This flower is made from a piece of lace I bought from Hayley. She was asked to do a layout for a magazine (my mind has gone blank for the name but I'll get back to you on that) and she emailed me a picture of it when she was finished. She'd used a picture of her gorgeous daughter Grace and the new Bo Bunny Jazmyne papers. She'd also made a few of these lace flowers and I begged her to tell me how to make them. She said she's going to post a tutorial on them but they're easy peasy! I'm really pleased with the way it turned out so don't be surprised if you see them on all the cards I make now lol.
I've gone on enough and it's time to think about dinner. Speaking of time did you notice the new addition to my blog? Mr Clock...think he blends in quite nicely :-)
Have a good night.
Catch ya later x

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Donna said...

Your SID sounds horrid - I would have walked out! Your card - as always - is great and such fun!