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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

I was lost but now I'm found!!

Hello!!! It's taken me a bit of time to settle in to the hotel and the boring chore of deciding which sun factor to use lol. Also took me a bit of time to work out this new little notebook I got. I thought it would be the exact same as my laptop but there are a few things missing which I didn't account for. Another thing is I couldn't find how to write up a post as Blogger is in a foreign language!!! Took a break from the beach...35 degrees people!!! ... and thought I'd have one more shot at it and here I am.
I received this picture from one of my followers/customers Jude the day I left for my hols. She received this card from her friend ( forgot to tell me her name!!! Let me know so I can give her credit properly :- ) for her birthday. I absolutely love it and the brown and turquoise together is one of my favourite colour combos. Aren't the paper flowers pretty?
Martini Nikki certainly looks relaxed .... speaking of which...I'm gonna head back off to the beach. Hope you're having a good day whatever it is you're doing. Check back in with you in a few days.
Catch ya later x
ps I would love more of you to send me pictures of cards made with Nikki and Ruby to put on my blog! Thanks for this one Jude :- )


Hayley @ Funky Farm Scrapbook Barn said...

Glad you got to go on your holiday! Love the card, see flowers = very nice :D
Enjoy your holiday (I'm not jealous... I'm not jealous lol!)

Donna said...

OMG 35 degrees!!! Sooo wish I was there! Have a fab break x

PS. I've just posted a new Nikki card on my blog that I made this evening. Let me know if I did her justice x