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Monday, 19 April 2010

Blog Hop

I've just joined my first ever Blog Hop! All you have to do is:

Hope it works!

Catch ya later x


Paula Gale said...

Hi Kerry - maybe you don't get to see your own - just a cross appears below to enable you to remove yourself if you want to - although my name appears below mine - when i've looked on your blog your name is definately there and your name is there on my blog too - so you did it right - well done (i didn't have much faith when i did mine either) LOL

Paula x x x

Tiffany said...

Hi Kerry! I was just clicking around this giant blog hop!! Nice to meet you!!

Hayley @ Funky Farm Scrapbook Barn said...

I can't add mine, keeps saying error on page! :(

Donna said...

Mine keeps saying error on page too :((

Donna said...

I've done it now - yay!!!