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Saturday, 17 April 2010

BGT is back!!!

Did anyone see Britain's Got Talent tonight? I'm so glad it's back on...the tv has been rubbish since Skating On Ice finished. I missed the first half but managed to see the dancing dog, the little girl singing Vera Lynn and the boy drumming. I loved the dog...I wonder how long it took her owner to teach her how to dance like that...very clever pooch!

Thought I'd show you another one of Karen's cards from this months CM&P. I love the crystal swirls must have taken her ages to place them all! Day Off Ruby is looking particularly pretty and the colour combo is fab.

These are pictures I took of my daft dogs tonight up at CB. When Rocky sees a stick he wants me to throw he usually lies back on his hunches and stares at the stick then quickly looks at me and back at the stick again. Well, when I saw this 'stick' I told him there was NO WAY I was gonna throw this one and he was on his own lol. Ruby tried to help him but he's too fast for her!

My last picture is my Rootbeer float from last fab does it look! And look what I found in my A & W mug!! Donna asked me how to make it and what Rootbeer tastes like. For those of you who haven't heard of a float (shock!) or tried one (horror!) a float is made up of icecream (I use vanilla) and a fizzy drink of your choice. I've had it with diet coke and Fanta and both are yummy but I have to say Rootbeer is my fave. I can't compare the taste to anything over here. One of my friends says it tastes like Germaline but I'm guessing she had a cold the day she tried it lol. I'm going to the mall tomorrow to get my hair cut and coloured so I might just have to pick up another one. I'll check if they have Mountain Dew Elaine!!
That's all my news for tonight. Hope you've had a great Saturday.
Catch ya later x

1 comment:

Donna said...

Karens cards are gorgeous as always :))

I have had something like a rootbeer - when I was little my mum used to make them with chocolate ice cream and cola - delicious. I've made them for my daughter too and she loves them. My mum always called them a knickerbocker glory!