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Friday, 30 September 2011

Eye Candy Alert!

VERY quickly as my day is jam packed. I've no card...if I can get one posted later I will.

I showed you Ryan's modelling pictures a while back and thought I'd show you the ones Steven got back the other day. This is his first proper photo shoot...

Love this one!

The last time I posted the pictures of Ryan Mary Poppins Michele had a funny turn...I hope she doesn't fall and hurt herself when she sees these lol.

Don't forget .... the sale starts tomorrow...I might even have an extra surprise for you but you'll have to come back to find out!!

Gotta fly...have a great day and an even greater weekend!

Catch ya later x


Lisa Jane said...

Very handsome.. you must be so proud .. hoe Michele has the smelling salts at hand!
Lisa x

Amanda R said...

Lordy but you and your hubby make some hot looking sons! And did you see above that Lisa called Michele a "hoe"? I think she meant hope but it is more fun the way it is!

Lyndsey Marie said...

Very nice photos such a handsome lad, I could do with a Toy Boy lol!!!!, you just cheered me up, much better to look at the screen than sitting here looking at a half empty shop.
Lyndsey xx

Whimsey said...

Send smelling salts; I've fallen and I CANNOT GET up; oh Lord help me, he is way beyond gorgeous. Goodness Lordy!

Meanwhile Lisa Lou - I take offense to being called a hoe!!!!! I just like scrumptious eye candy!

Lyndi said...

Wot hot looking lads u have!

Can you label them 'eye-candy' please so when I'm feeling down I can find the pics quickly LOL


Chrissy said...

OMG...this is what happens when you eat your veges...that is what I just told my son, who is here putting in new light bulbs...all he said was hmmmppfff....but saw him looking again green with envy. Glad my daughter is out of the country, she would need the salts too..
Gorgeous lads you word...I dont really want to sign off...I have things to do...I really should go...ahhh!! one more look...


Faith A said...

Oh! what wonderful eye candy for a an ole! woman, Kelly you have boys to be VERY proud of, must have got good genes LOL