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Friday, 9 September 2011

Stuffed Turkey

So what about the blog hop? I told you the girls rocked this one! Thanks to all of you for your comments...I've had quite a chuckle reading how some of you are comparing yourself or friends/family to the images lol.

I never managed to do the hop until the next day. Nicole's wedding dress came in and we could only go Tuesday morning at 9:30. I had to drop the dogs at Doggy Daycare and pick Nic up at 8:45 ... we were doing really well, chatting away. Came off the roundabout onto the slip road that takes us onto the motorway and came to an immediate stop....the traffic was backed right past our exit. We both swore at the same time lol and then Nic told me to reverse back up the slip road and go a different route!!! Ok...can you picture me halfway down the slip road, reversing with cars swerving to miss me? I think not! She insisted it could be done but I just told her to phone the store and tell them we'd be late hmph. Now I worry that she might do something like that herself if she was late for's no wonder mom's colour their hair lol. We managed to get to the store 30 minutes late and as her appointment was for an hour we still had plenty of time. When she came out of the dressing room she looked beautiful...and I did get the lump in the throat and a tear in my eye again. Wonder what I'll be like on the day! I thought we were heading home but she had other ideas. We looked at bridesmaids dresses and found a beautiful one (I picked it...I'm 2 for 2 lol) and the girls are going to look stunning in them. Then Nic got it in her head that we had to look for the MOB outfit. I dreaded this as I don't do dresses and wanted to wear palazzo type trousers so it would look like a dress but I was shot down pretty quick. We went to a store that sold MOB dresses and my worst nightmare was realised....look what she stuffed me into .....

OMG...I could give Joan Collins a run for her money! There was no point in arguing so I managed to just about get myself into it though couldn't do the zip up lol. I LOVE the colour but it's just so OTT and well....shiny!!!! I can't believe she thought I would wear something like this...she's so disappointed I'm not going to buy it...and so was the saleswoman. Once she realised I wasn't parting with the best part of £800 she lost interest in us lol. There's no way I'm going to be paying that kind of money for a one off hmph.

Here's a picture I took of Ryan last week. The guy on the tv is Will Young who won Pop Idol (it's now called X Factor) 10 years ago and from the minute Will came on the screen all those years ago people keep telling Ryan he's his double which he hates!

I don't know...I think they could be twins separated at birth lol

I'm demonstrating at Craft World this weekend. This is their biggest demo day of the year...there will be 14 of us demonstrating various products. If you're in the area make sure you pop in...there's plenty of stash to stock up on and from memory there's tea and coffee and muffins from Costco!!

This is one of the samples I've made them...

I just love Beach Babe...she kinda reminds me of my MIL but when I told her that I think she got a bit miffed lol. I bought the Fancy Pants 6 x 6 pp from Hayley ages ago and it was perfect for the image.

I added the white spots to the costume with my Inkssentials pen

Each image comes with 3 sentiments for £6.99...great value for money. Laura did an amazing job getting the images exactly the way I wanted them.

Dinner's almost ready so I'd better get the table set. Don't forget to come by and say hi if you make it to Craft World....I'll be upstairs :-D

Have a great weekend whatever you're up to.

Catch ya later x


Mary J said...

I'm knackered just reading your post, Kerry!

What a fab card - I just love love love the wrinklies!!

Lisa Jane said...

I thought you were going to say you had got the dress for my Party lol.. Halloween party that is lol
Fab card the dotty bathing suit! Have a great day at the demo - dont eat too many muffins or you wont get into another fabby dress lol
Lisa x

Lyndsey Marie said...

Hi Kerry,

WOW What a dress !!!!! definately a show stopper. Fab card love the new image very cheeky and the dotty cossie looks fab. Hope you have a good demo day wish I lived near so I could come and join in the fun.
Lyndsey xx

Julie said...

Oh my goodness,I had a bridesmaids dress that colour when I was 10!Thanks,I now have the theme from Dynasty going through my head after seeing you in this spectacular creation! Major appologies,my Wrinkly card is sat on my bench,sorry I don't know how I managed to overlook it though I've had "a bit of a week"I'm
off to see your son perform in Hyde Park on Sunday,though I have heard that Will Young may be standing in for him! Have a great weekend,Julie.x

Whimsey said...

WHAT is a slip road???? I giggle when I read these posts cuz I have NO CLUE what half the stuff is. tee hee

You look AMAZING in that dress - REALLY; totally "get" why it's not the dress for the wedding; can't wait to see what you do pick out - will you show us?

Love the card - ALL the Wrinkley images make me laugh!!

Have a great weekend; hugs!

Amanda R said...

Well that was definitely my entertainment for the day! I give you credit for allowing Nic to take a picture and posting it on your blog, that dress is horrendous! I think a nice suit in a beautiful color would be great and you could possibly even use it again. But not Big Bird Yellow!

Chrissy said...

MMM...the dress is a bit over the top, but you certainly looked good in it..maybe in black...yes??
Great card, love the spots on the bathing suit, and the wrinkleys are fabulous images.


Alison said...

Hi Kerry, we chatted at Craftworld yesterday.
No offence to Nicole but not that frock. Sorry but the eighties called, they want it back!!
I've been making paper flowers since last night, they are getting there. ;-)
I really like the Wrinkleys stamps, got ideas for cards and might be getting my mojo back. Thanks.
Alison xxx

Susan said...

Sorry Kerry - love all your creations but that dress isn't 'doing it' for me at all......£800 OMG think of all the craft things you could spend that on !!!
Loving this card - can't wait to ink my stamps this week Xx

mixamatoasties said...

Gorgeous card and better irl too :)

OK so I've started your challenge... What colour of prisma would you recommend for pastry. Nothing looks right!!!

Susan xxx