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Monday, 12 September 2011

The things we do for our pets...

As I worked at the weekend Rocky and Ruby didn't get their usual trips up to CB apart from a quickie Saturday morning before I headed off. Yesterday was foul so just took them around the block and when I came back last night did the same again as NOBODY took them. MIL and FIL arrived on Thursday and today were heading on the train to Harrogate on the train to house sit for BIL and SIL. When I got back from seeing them off I decided despite Hurricane Katia (or whatever her name is) doing her thing I would take them to CB. We arrived to GFW but that still didn't put us off. We headed down the path ... them doing their thing and me trying to stay on my feet... I was getting buffeted around like nobody's business. It was getting pretty fierce so after about 15 minutes headed back up to the car. Eventually I got Ruby into the car but Rocky was busy sniffing out some dogs so took me a while to get him in. In the process my baseball cap blew off so after pressing the button to close the trunk turned to rescue my cap. Next thing Rocky comes flying past me...the rascal managed to jump back out of the car before the door closed so I grabbed him and literally threw him back in...waited for the door to close then went after my cap. You'd think I was drunk the way I was walking. I had to climb through tall grass to get to my cap....managed to reach it when I felt a pricking sensation on my left leg...I only went and got stabbed by stinging nettles! I turned to go back to the car...almost got blown over and had to hang onto the gate until the gust past. I looked up at the carpark and through my windswept hair saw a guy sitting in his car laughing his head off at glad I managed to keep him entertained hmph. My coat was foaming...I can only guess it was residue from being washed, my car was soaked by the time I got home and this was the end result.....

along with some raised bumps on my knee from the stinging nettles and mascara running down my face. Now don't go thinking I was the only nutter up there because the carpark was full of them! Unless you're a dog owner you'll never understand lol.

The demo weekend was fantastic! I had such a great time and met a lot of lovely ladies (and gentlemen)...some for the first time and some familiar faces from last year and some of my lovely followers. It was funny when I was asked about the wedding plans or Ruby and I'm thinking...I don't remember telling you about it forgetting about my blog lol. So a big hello and thanks for coming by to Suzy Q, Anja, Keira (especially for my muffin and coffee!) Ann, Alison, Elaine, Alison, Lynn, Ally, Margaret, Roberta, Margaret, Roni, the Two Wrinkley's...(you know who you are!)  and those whose names escape me!

Apart from showing my stamps I was demonstrating Prisma Pencils using Zest It (similar to Gamsol but with a citrus smell) and paper stumps. I haven't used mine in a while but I really enjoyed playing them again. I'm not great at shading but these pencils make it happen with very little effort :-D Here's a picture of me that Suzy Q took (one of these days I hope someone WILL take a decent photo of me)....'ll see I'm demonstrating neither the pencils or LCI stamps but how to make a rolled paper flower without using a die lol. And yes my table was very untidy!

I seem to give you more stories about my daily life than cards these days....sorry lol! Here's one of the samples I made for Craft World. I wasn't too sure about Ain't Getting Old Wrinkley but once I coloured her up and put this card together I quickly changed my mind...I think she's fabulicious lol....

Apart from The Wrinkley's, I had the new Christmas Jack and Robyn samples and Shoes n' Bags but The Wrinkley's seem to cause the most stir. I think it was because people can identify one of The Wrinkley's in themselves or someone they know! At one point I looked up from colouring and there was a lady standing in front of me looking exactly like this image...stick and included ... I do hope she saw the humour in it lol.

I've just about dried out and won't be going anywhere near CB until the winds die down. I have a few cards I MUST get done for this week so I'll love you and leave you.

If you're getting the same weather as us in Scotland stay safe and don't go walking your dog unless you really have to and oh...stay away from stinging nettles!! Now where's my dock leaf.....

Catch ya later x


Lisa Jane said...

oh lol.. i looked very much like that when i got in fro my visits too.. Michael said "bad hair day?"
Glad the demo went well
Lisa x

mixamatoasties said...

Ooooh poor you. I hope you have your feet up now after that trauma.

You will be pleased to know that there is a card waiting for you to inspect on my blog ;) Hope it passes muster.

Susan xxx

Diane's Card Designs said... make me laugh Kerry! That hurricane Katia is one fierce wind. When I looked out at the washing it looked like it was going to blow onto the field next door. Me and my son went to get it in and the washing was blowing all over and around
Sounds like you had a good demo day.
Diane xx

scrap joanny said...

hi hi this was so funny :-) interesting hair cut :-))) thanks for the nice words about my card - I'm sitting on my work very late in the night - 2 o'clock :-))) Your card are very funny - super work wow :-))) hugs from Poland Joanna

Babette said...

Hi Kerry, thanks for your lovely comment. The die that I used for the butterflies is the Magnolia DooHickey Dragonflies. Your card is beautiful, love the paper and your flowers.

A New Crafter said...

Poor you, must say you looked better in real life at the weekend, we would have been scared with that picture! Thanks for taking time out at Craftworld at the weekend, lovely to see you and your cards look so much richer in real-life! I did giggle at your mention of looking up from your hard work at the weekend and your wrinkley "model" in front of you, priceless! Take care, don't get blown away and hope Craftworld will let us enjoy your demos again soon! Anne T

Amanda R said...

Well, I wiped out in my front yard yesterday if it makes you feel any better! But you definitely look like you won the windswept hair competition! Hopefully the weather settles down and glad you had a good time demonstrating.

Roni said...

Lol! That looked like me by the time I got to work this morning, I didnt dare put my brolly up or I'd be up'n'away, like Mary Poppins!

It was lovely to see you again Kerry, you always know how to put a smile on our faces!

Big hugs
Roni :O) xoxox

Faith A said...

So funny Kerry, you have to have that photo framed LOL.
You look so busy at the show and I bet you were too.

Love this Wrinklie, just like my SIL