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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Bit of this, bit of that...oh and a card!

I hope you're having a good bank holiday weekend. It was a beautiful day yesterday in Glasgow, today...not so beautiful!

Ryan had his op on Thursday and all went according to plan. Thank you for all your comments, emails, texts etc wishing him well. Can anyone tell me how old your kids should be before you stop waiting for them to come out of just drop them off and phone up to see how they got on? On the drive in I said to Ryan I'd wait till he was back from surgery then I'd go home and he told me not to be silly that he'd be fine. I wondered if that was bravado or he really didn't want me hanging around...afterall he his 24! I thought I'd play it by ear and after he was checked into his room his lovely nurse assured me that waiting for him to get back was totally was a mom thing! It's like when they're babies and you put them to bed and keep going back and forth into their rooms to check they're breathing (KWIM??)...that's what I like to do after surgery (this is his 4th)...oh and make sure he can wiggle his toes lol.

He went down at 11:45 and was back up at 2:45...I hung around long enough to make sure he was breathing...ask the nurse if it was normal she was giving him oxygen...tell him I smuggled chocolate into his bag then left! Before I did leave the nurse said he could go home when a) he did the toilet (tmi sorry) b) ate without throwing up c) stand without fainting and d) manage the stairs. Hubby went to visit him and got home at 7 without Ryan managing any of them but at 7:30 got the call to pick him up! Since he's been home he's been doing his exercises...he was back at his club the next day and the physio said he's further ahead after this type of surgery than anyone he's known. Even one of his team mates said he couldn't bend his knee for a month after his op for the same thing. Fingers crossed this is the way his healing is going to progress and he'll be back playing sooner rather than later.

I've a couple of pictures of Steven I took today when I was at the  mall. He was modelling a few of the stores A/W lines..

It was nice to see him dressed up for a change...

I love this picture...just wish it wasn't so blurry. He doesn't get much catwalk work as he's so tall (6'6") but I guess they managed to find trousers long enough lol

Nicole, Ben, Steven and I are heading to Ireland next weekend for my nieces 21st and I needed to be organised because October has turned into a nightmare month for birthdays, invites to birthdays and orders for birthday/anniversary cards. Ellyn's is first up and this is what I made the other day...

Winestook Nikki was the perfect choice for a 21st. In fact I think she can be used for 20's through to 50's and beyond lol! I've used one of my favourite Bo Bunny pp's

Her dress is positively sparklicious...

Glitter has been added to the missed bits!

While we're in Ireland I'm going to see the wedding venue for the first time and we've got appointments with a florist, photographer and we'll look at cakes. It's going to be mega busy but at least that will be a few more boxes ticked :-D

You got a bit of everything today...hmmm...actually I think you get that in all my posts lol. You've still got time to enter last weeks challenge and a chance to win all the new release Magnum & Lily digi's or 5 of you a digi of your choice.

Thanks for popping in

Catch ya later x


Lisa Jane said...

ooh i just love this elegant card . The shape is fab! as are the colours and papers.
Steven looks amazing! A proud mum i bet!
Lisa x

Sue said...

So glad Ryans surgery went OK, fingers crossed his recovery continues to be speedy :-D Great pics of Steven too, did he know you were in the crowd taking pics?

LOVE your card, Nikki is a perfect choice for a 21st card!!

Sue xx

Lyndsey Marie said...

Blimey mrs you fit a lot in one post lol!!!!. Glad to hear things went well for Ryan hope his recovery continues to be a speedy one. Gorgeous card love the image coloured beautifully and the papers and layout look fab. Just gotta love that ribbon too.
Lyndsey xx