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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Tight squeeze

I'm going to try and make this quick as I've got a gazillion things to do and more than likely not enough time to do it in!

I think I said a post or two ago that we're heading to Dublin at the weekend for hubby's sister's daughter's 21st. I've also been invited to an event next week (will tell you more later) and needed something to wear to both and both call for a dress. Most people that know me know I don't do dresses...I'm a tomboy at heart (hence Robyn) so it was going to be a bit tricky to find something but I managed. Only thing is I needed something to 'hold in and smooth down' all the lumps and bumps. I headed to M & S and found the perfect all singing all dancing pull em in and suck it up slip dress thingamajig. They didn't have my size so had to order it, picked it up yesterday and last night before bed decided it was time to try it on. I tried to step into it but couldn't get it over my hips and didn't want to force the issue in case I tore it so decided I would try over the head action.  I  managed to get it over my head BUT I kinda got my arms stuck above my head and the slip thingy lodged around my shoulders...I couldn't pull it down and and I couldn't pull it up! My arms were just dangling there above my head...I was in the bathroom and the hubster was snoring away through the door. What was I going to do? Do I risk waking hubster and face humiliation... do I lie down on the floor and go to sleep hoping the underfloor heating would keep me warm and I didn't lose circulation in my arms and pray the tight slip fairies would rescue me? Neither appealed so for a good 10 minutes I pulled and teased the straight jacket slip down and into it's proper place! By that point I was either having a hot flush or sweating from the exertion but I'd gone to all that trouble so had to at least try the dress on. I think it looked certainly didn't turn me into Cindy Crawford lol....I'm going to have a quick look at some point today in La Senza and Debenam's to see if they have anything else and if not just go with it. Last Minute Annie again!!

Here's a card I made a while back but hadn't posted of Get Up And Go Wrinkley

These are little disc thingy's I got from Stamping Bella years ago...they are totally sparklicious!!

I've got great news about the sale...I've sorted it so I won't (I hope) have to manually change the prices (thanks for your concern Marianne lol!). I obviously won't be here over the weekend but if you run into any problems don't worry...I'll sort it when I get back!!

Ok..this took longer than I planned so I gotta scram! Hope you have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

Catch ya later x


Lyndsey Marie said...

OMG Kerry, you have made me laugh with your antics lol!!. Love the card fab image and sentiment & love the pretty papers.
Lyndsey x

Lisa Jane said...

oh lol.. my sides are aching .. i was in a similar predicament a few years back when i actually wore a dress.. for a wedding.
I got one of those tube thingies to hold me in.. what a palaver .!! Now i just let it all hang out!!
I am sure you will look a million dollars!
Have a great weekend
oops .. fab card by the way ... love the armchair and those sparkly things

Tina said...

very the image and the colors


Whimsey said...

NO ONE and I mean NO ONE can beat your stories!


You'll look megamazing in whatever you wear!

Fabby card; love the image!!

Diane's Card Designs said...

lol.......... Oh Kerry, I love to come over and hear your stories and this one had me in stitches.
Love your card! This image always makes me smile and those disc thingy's are so sparkly!!!
Have a lovely weekend!
Diane xx

DesignerDiva said...

Love your card but nothing beats that story! I've been there on so many occasions!!

Have a fab weekend
Hugs Laurie x