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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Magnum & Lily rock!

I don't know about you but I had a great time blog hopping yesterday! I loved seeing all the DT cards and didn't our GD Laurie do an amazing job :-D Judging by your comments there are some real Magnum & Lily lovers out there so I hope these new digi images will find a place on your hard drive :-D

I made this card for my FIL for his birthday in early August (do you know how hard it was not to show it to you???!!!) and Remote Control Magnum was perfect for him. He has fallen out with a number of his grandchildren over the remote know what teenagers are like, flicking from channel to channel. Well, in FIL's world that's a no no cuz it might break lol. I suppose you could say it was very brave of me to use this image and he never actually mentioned he liked like he normally would so maybe he was a bit touchy about the subject lol. Anywho I loved it so here it is...

I mean..what's there not to love lol. I would have liked the sentiment to have read 'stop flicking channels, you're gonna break it' but I think that would have been a bit too brave!

Now I don't like to blow my own horn here but I have seriously impressed myself with my colouring lololol (I can say that because half the time I don't!). I LOVE the colour of the chair. When we first moved to Scotland 26 years ago we were invited to hubby's bosses house for dinner. They had the most amazing orange carpet (pretty way out for back then)... I loved it... and still mention to them when I see them although they seem to have forgotten about it or maybe they're TRYING to forget about it lololol.

Don't you just love Magnum's expression...Lily strikes again!!

So there you have it. I am desperate to play with the digi's more but I have a few (5) cards to make in the next week and unfortunately none of the new images are suitable hmph.

Ryan is going in to have his operation tomorrow. Fingers crossed it's pretty straight forward and he can start the road to recovery and back to being match fit by February and be able to play the rest of the season. This last month seems to have dragged by waiting for the surgery but apparently the recovery time is quicker 5-7 months if you wait for the injury (crutiate)  to settle whereas when they used to operate straight away the recovery was 12-18 months. I'm taking him in for 10:30 and not sure if I'll wait...I don't know how long it will take. I can always take in some digi's and my Copics!

Hope you have a great Hump Day...the weekend's just around the corner!

Catch ya later x


Lisa Jane said...

oh Kerry i defy anyone not to chuckle when they see these images . . i just love them!
And i agree your colouring of the chair and the tv is amazing ..
Hope the op goes well.. will be thinking of him.
Lisa x

Wendy said...

Brilliant card Kerry,fab image and yes your colouring is fantastic,great colours.
Wendy xx

Aquarius said...

Great card with a great image - why is it that men hog the remote??

Julie said...

I Love this Digi Kerry,LOL The orange chair looks fab!! reminds me of when we first got married, we inherited an orange leatherette corner suite. definately not DFS.x

Lyndsey Marie said...

Fabby card, have to say this image is my fave one. Love the colouring its amazing!!!! and the papers and colour combo look great. Fingers crossed for Ryan for tomorrow am sure there will be no probs at all.
Lyndsey xx

Amanda R said...

I agree, your coloring is amazing! Good thing I didn't see yours first cause I would have had to copy your shadows and highlights! Good luck with Ryan, will keep my fingers crossed all goes well.

Faith A said...

Love this card, great colouring you have every right to feel proud.

Doesn't it seem it's always the men who hold on to the control,perhaps they feel like it's the only control they have LOL

Stampingcaz said...

Fantastic card. I love that you have gone digi. Just waiting for some pennies and I will be snapping them up :)

Hope you are well

Shelly said...

im impressed with the coloring of the TV!!! xoxo