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Friday, 16 July 2010

Starbucks to the rescue!

My internet in the house has gone on strike! Not good when you need it for your business. It's been acting up for a while and finally packed in the other day (hence no posts). The engineer came out yesterday for what he thought would be a routine installation of a new router but oh no...not in our house! We have the worst luck for things going wrong. If we bought say a new tv and there were 1,000,000 in the warehouse and there was only 1 faulty one I can guarantee we would get that one!! The luck of the Irish seems to have deserted us lol. So the problem seems to be something to do with numbers not matching up and it will take a couple to a lot more than a couple of days to fix! It's a pain but the consolation is I am now firmly planted in a booth in Starbucks with coffee and yummy muffins on tap to keep my energy levels up lolololol. Hmmm..maybe this hasn't been a bad thing after all....except my waistline will not be happy if I come here too often!
So what I'm going to do is pre-post a few cards to keep you interested (I hope!) until my internet is fixed.
Here's the first of 4 Christmas designs outwith any of the characters you've seen so far. I love these new images...from Ruby and Magnum's stable...and I had such fun colouring this one.
This is Tracey (yes, named after my big Sis!) decorating her tree....I mean reindeer with a little help from her friends. What do you think? Do you like/love her?

Mr Reindeer is being very tolerant! I suppose the card is quite dark but I love these papers from Basic Grey...I used my little 6 x 6 pad...and I like how there's only a few parts coloured red to make it 'pop'. I swithered whether to use red crystals for the baubles or these khaki green ones and I'm glad I went for the latter.

IRL the crystals are gorgeous :-D And look....Tracey's blonde!! Once upon a time my sister was blonde but favours a more reddish tinge these days. I thunk I did quite well lol.

The pup and mouse are ready with their baubles

I love this little tag. The stamp is from a SU! set as is the punch. You'll be seeing a lot more of these little tags.
That's it for today...I hope you have a great weekend. The weather is horrible and I think it's going to stay like least until the golf is over!
Catch ya later x


del-16.p said...

This card is fab-u-lous!!!I love everything about it - especially the crystalstones you have used.

funky farm scrapbook said...

I looooooooooove this card!!! I love the reindeer and the attention to detail it's lovely! I was wondering where you'd got to and was going to email you (if there wasn't a post here when I checked) as I thought something was wrong - I hate no internet and yep it's a big pain when you run your business online, I go nuts! Here's to starbucks, their yummy lattes and delicious cakes! :D xx

Rita said...

Sorry to hear about your internet problem Kerry. But I love the new image, very christmassy indeed. Keep safe. Hugs rita xxx

Roni said...

I hope you get your internet thingy sorted and you'll be surfing again soon! I love your new Tracey stamp, she is gorgeous and I love the subtle greens you used for the christmas card, very nice! Hugs Roni :O) xox

Jeanie said...

Ok, definitely LOVE!!! OMG, that big 'ol fat reindeer is the BEST!! Oh, and the little dog lookin' up at him, be still my heart! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!