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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Christmas competition...

I'm surprised I have any hair left on my head! I'm not even going to bore you with my on-going lack of internet saga. Suffice to say I'm 'you-know-where' and I'll know more at 5pm when I get my 'update' call. Thank you for all your offers to use your wi-fi and I would love to take you up on your offer Elaine but I don't think I'd get any work done...we'd be yakking all the time!
Also thank you for your comments on the new release .... I'm glad you're loving the new images. I've had a sneak peak at some new Christmas Nikki's which I think you'll all love too :-D They will probably be ready for the end of August early September but if I can get them sooner I'll let you know.
I'm particularly happy with this new Christmas Ruby sample....Letter to Santa. I think the colours are so calming.
I've just had a mental block re the pp (my brain is about to implode!) but I'm sure it's MME. If not I'm sure you'll put me right! It might come back to me by the time I've posted this lol.

Do you like the snow? I love this glitter from Judikins and I use it alot on my Christmas cards. It's perfect for snow :-D

I wonder what is on Ruby's list??? I've used loads of glitter and Swarovski crystals on her coat.

I dug this snowflake charm out of one of my drawers...hoarding as usual. I'm sure I got these on ebay last year (or was it the year before??? lol)
So do you like? I love....but then what else is new!
Ok, I think it's competition time. What I'd like you to do is leave me a comment about a favourite Christmas memory ... it can be from recent years or when you were growing up. I think I've mentioned mine before but it was when Tracey and I were about 8 and 9 (Shelly was just a twinkle then!!!) and we had our Christmas tree in the basement. When we got down the stairs there in front of us were shiney new bikes. Mine was purple (because I loved Donny Osmond and that was his favourite colour too and we share the same birthday Dec 9 {sigh}) with a banana seat, a bar to lean against and streamers in the handle bars. Oh how I loved that bike :-D But then there was the Christmas where Tracey and I each got a big (and I mean huge) box and inside were lots of little presents wrapped up. We each got the same but my favourites were the cassette tape recorder and a Cheerful Tearful doll that when you gave her her bottle then pulled her arm down she cried tears!!! Did any of you have one of those?
I guess you want to know what the prize is huh. Well, how about 5 of you get to choose 5 stamps of your choice from the new release. The closing date will be Friday July 30th and I'll pick the winners over the weekend. Like the last time the competition is open to anyone, anywhere in the world. The big winner from the June release was from New York...hi Beth!! make sure you leave your comment.
Ok, that's it from me today. I hope and pray that I'll be posting tomorrow from the comfort of my own house :-D
Catch ya later x


Lisa Jane said...

My favourite Christmas memory is when my Grandad came out of Hospital on xmas eve and my parents got us a real tree ( its the only year i ever had one) - we all decorated it together. It was truly magical. Unfortunately he died not long after but i have lovely memories.
Love the new stamp and cant believe i am getting my head round xmas cards lol
Lisa ;)

del-16.p said...

My favourite Christmas memory is the year that I received a typewriter (the old-fashioned manual type!!!) and Santa had typed a message on it for me.I thought I was the luckiest girl in Scotland.
Love the card you have posted today - I`m a big fan of the colour pink!

Kitty said...

My favourite memory is when i was about 10 or 11. I was obsessed with collecting TY Beanie Babies (remember them!) and that year they released ones as tree decorations. My dad gave me a massive box on christmas eve full of these decorations so i had my own Beanie Baby Tree!! The next day, Christmas day was fab too the most spoilt i had ever been. My dad also got me a massive box full of beanies i had wanted (realy expensive rare ones too). I remember that year so well as it was the first year my dad had brought his own presents for us instead of getting mum to do it all - was great as i got two lots! lol.

Love the card and love all the new releases, can't wait til they are launched!

Kitty xx

Rita said...

My favourite Christmas memory was when I received the book Little Women, it was 1947 and I still have the book to this day. Toys back then were hard to get unless you were very wealthy as everything was rationed. Sorry if I make you feel I'm ancient, but they were happy times. Hugs Rita xxx

Donna said...

Lovely card Kerry - my fave xmas was when I was about 7 and it snowed! Our garden was on a slope but it looked level cos it had snowed that much - it came up past my knees! I've never seen it snow like that since :(

Alison said...

What a lovely card Kerry, I am making my wish list soon. :-)
My favourite Christmas was one where I had asked for a brand new pushchair for my dolls, and it wasn't in the pile of presents under the tree, I tried very hard to hide my disappointment but being about six at the time - it showed!! ha ha. Anyway I was sent upstairs to my room to get a cardi and when I went up there in the hallway a wee red tartan pushchair - just the one I had asked Santa for - my mum said the whole street heard my squeals that Santa had left me another present up here. I really loved that pushchair, and was very upset when it broke about three years later.

Suzy Q said...

Hey Kerry, looking forward to purchasing some of your Christmas stamps!! They are all so lovely which ones will I choose!! My favourite Christmas memory was - one Christmas many, many moons ago (lets not dwell on the how long ago) we were all looking out our back door and admiring the snow, which was rather deep, our beautiful persian black cat stepped out and literally DISAPPEARED!!! Honestly the only thing you could see was the top of her tail!! lol lol lol!! What a fright she got and shot back inside quickstyle!!!! :-D aahh the memories x

Lyndi - Little Girl Blue said...

Love your new card Kerry. All sparkly and snowy.
My favourite memory of Christmas is when my oldest boy Robert was just a baby (11 months) and everyone came to my house for Christmas dinner. It was a lovely warm family gathering, and having never cooked for 8 people before, I made enough food to feed an army and poor souls tried there best to eat what they could, before admitting defeat. My mum still talks about the amount of food I expected them to eat to this day (well - I didn't want to run short)LOL.

Sue Upson said...

Just love this stamp - think it is my favourites of the new releases... I had a peek last night and they are all gorgeous... love Tom too..... favourite Christmas memory... that's such a toughy... loved being a kid... getting my first bike... hmmm but probably favourite all time was about 5 years ago when I went a bit overboard and even my son's teddy got a present... he (son, not Teddy) couldn't believe that Santa had remembered his beloved bear, so unbelievably cute as he "helped" teddy open his present... awww Sue xx

Tracey Falconer said...

Well, wouldn't you know it, my sister's most memorable Christmas' are two of my most memorable ones as well!!! Although, she has forgotten the year that Santa couldn't get our gift down the chimney (I think we were 5 & 6 at the time, well before Cheerful Tear and bikes). Anyway, there was a note saying Santa had to leave our gift on the front porch. So Kerry and I race to the front door to find sitting out in the snow a beautiful turquiose easy bake oven! We spent the whole day baking little treats for everyone, there was almost no room for turkey!! oxox

Gaynor said...

My Favourite memory is from last year when my brother came home from New jersey, USA and surprised us on Christmas Eve, I hadn't seen him for 7 years, I cried tears of joy because we don't see each other that often as the flights are so expensive. Fabulous.

Kerry said...

Darn!!! Forgot about the Easy Bake oven Trace:-D That was great fun...we should have become did lol!!!! xxxx

Hel said...

I've got load of lovely memories of Christmas day but I think my favourite Christmas memory is probably the last year that I believed in Father Christmas etc, my mum and dad used to put the Christmas tree up while we were in bed and me and my brother would go downstairs one morning and it would all be decorated and the tree all lit, and would then go running upstairs to tell mum and dad that the 'fairies' had been and put the tree up. I loved that tradition was always a surprise and was the start of christmas so still had it all to come :)

Thanks for the chance to win xox

funky farm scrapbook said...

OK I too have so many happy, warm and fun filled Christmas memories but one of my fvaourites has to have been Grace's First Christmas, the magic of Christmas really came alive again (and I know you're all going to think I'm mad!) Grace was just coming up to 5 months old for her first Christmas, I'd gone out and bought her some special Christmas decorations and a lovely box to put them in afterwards (my plan is to buy her a special decoration or two each year and collect them for her!) I thought this was a lovely idea and something that she could treasure forever!
We busily wrapped her gorgeous presents and assembled her Jumperoo ready for Christmas morning. It's always been tradition since I was little to put out light refreshments; a mince pie/shortbread for Santa and a drink. Followed by carrots for Rudolph and a drink of water too! We put Grace's "Santa stop here" sign out so that he knew where Grace lived and off we popped to bed! Next morning, Santa had been and left a note for Grace wishing her a happy first Christmas! We had a lovely day visiting my parents and Grace enjoyed playing with some of her new toys and also with her Grandad!
Christmas as a child is so magical, I hope we can create the magic of Christmas each year with Grace - I was always amazed by Santa's magic!

OK - bored you all to death now lol!!!!
Loving the competition and new designs, the card is beautiful! Thank you

Roni said...

I've actually just realised I posted my comment in the wrong place, so I'm posting again, but reading everyone's comments reminded me of a special xmas when my girls were wee, they are 16 and 20 now!
Every xmas I liked to keep santa alive. Telling them stories on how busy santa is, answering questions like how did he get in without a key and leaving him a jam sandwich (I didnt like mince pies, lol) and jelly tots for rudolph, red and purple one's of course!
This one year, I actually made my hubby get out his working boots and we dipped them in flour and you should've seen us in the wee hours of the morning laying footprints strategically from the fire to the tree/presents and back again (as if the girls would know, seriously?). The footprints were all over our dark green carpet, which no matter how hard we hoovered, stayed for a good week or two! But it was fun and it was great seeing their wee faces light up in the morning! My family and friends just thought we were absolutely bonkers!
I love your card especially the old fashioned letter box!
Thanks Kerry for this chance to win some lovely stamps!
Roni :O) xox

p.maider said...

One of my favourite Christmases was in 1947 not long after my Dad had been demobbed from the army. We had been told Santa didn't have much money to bring us toys (things were scarce) so I was delighted to get a lovely desk and chair which I later discovered he had made (my dad I mean not Santa). I had pencils and notebooks but the best of all was SWEETS which were in very short supply at that time. Love the card Kerry. Pat x

craftyrufus said...

One of my favourite christmas memories was the year we all got bikes for christmas and Santa had gone to the trouble of tying the liveng room door shut so we couldn't get in until after breakfast! Of course that was the year it snowed and we couldn't get a proper go of our bikes!

Ian said...


My fondest Christmas memory is one year watching Mum n Dad making dinner and dad forgetting to put the lid on the blender before turning it on. The entire contents went splattering up the walls and hitting the ceiling in the kitchen; most amusing!!! :S