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Thursday, 1 July 2010

I'm home and Happy Canada Day!!!

Hiya!! Hope you're all well and enjoyed your week :-D Sadie and I arrived home safely this afternoon and Nicole surprised us by picking us up at the airport. After taking Sadie home and settling her in she dropped me back home and I haven't stopped since!
Here are some (ok, rather a lot!) pictures of our holiday. I'll keep the narration short lol!!!
Our ship Island Escape

Sadie posing

Pool (duh!)

Having dinner in one of the 3 restaurants

Think this might have been my favourite place, Cefalu

walking down to the beach

We made it!

I love this picture

On our way to Sorrento

Main square in Sorrento

I was at this for ages and realised too late that these pictures are out of order . This was the main market lane off the square

This is the start of the market street

Sadie and I as we're docking in Toulon...nice hair lol!!!

We were told by one of the waiter's that the market in Toulon was fantastic and he wasn't wrong. I loved seeing all the fresh fruit layed out. This was one of hundreds of stalls

I bought some apricots and cherries....yum!

Sadie trying on a hat

First time I've ever had a cappucino like this!

This is the harbour in Toulon

I loved this window...I used my super duper close up thingamajig!

I wasn't sure if we were going to get into Barcelona or not as Sadie was quite unwell Tuesday night into Wednesday. We spent most of the day at the in the sun and her in the shade. Around 3pm she decided she was up to a little jaunt into the city so we quickly got changed and into a taxi.

This sign made me laugh...they were lined up all of Las Ramblas street

And so were these human statues. They stood still until you put money in their buckets then reacted according to their persona.

These guys started pedalling their bikes when the coins dropped into their buckets

This guy was a bit freaky but fascinated me. He reminded me of David Walliams! When he got money he'd start gurgling like a baby.

Edward Scissorhands....he was the image of Johnny Depp.
So that's it folks. We had a wonderful time although Sadie's hip really was giving her gip and I think she might need a hip replacement. We got on great though we are happy to be sleeping in our own beds lol.
Hope you enjoy the pictures.
Catch ya later x


Elaine said...

Great pictures Kerry, looks like you both had a great time! See you soon. E x

Karen said...

Yaaaaay my little mate's back!!! Welcome home!! Looks like you had a great time Kerry. Will catch up with you in the next couple of days when you've settled in and got your land legs back again! Mwah x

Hayley @ Funky Farm Scrapbook Barn said...

Welcome home!!!! Photos look lovely! Will catch up with you soon, hope you haven't been too mad and getting back to some normality! xx

Donna said...

Wow - great photos! Looks like you both had a great time x