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Thursday, 22 July 2010


I looked at the calendar yesterday and had a thought....when did I start my blog last year?? So I had a bit of a check and it's actually a year ago today I made my first post!!! OM time has flown and what a journey this last year has been. I never would have thought in a month of Sunday's that I'd be where I am with my little business and how much fun/hardwork it would be :-D
So to celebrate I had a right good thunk and came up with this....leave a comment telling me how you came across me/my blog/stamps and or why you visit my blog and the winner will receive some blog candy.... the 5 new Nikki Christmas stamps being released next month! Just to whet your appetite I've given you a little sneak peek below...

This blog candy is an extra to the Christmas comment one so if you love Nikki and her furry friend Buttercup you will want to enter this one! I'll keep this one open until this Sunday :-D

Gotta run

Catch ya later x


Gaynor said...

I came across your blog by chance. I was looking at some of your stamps at the glitterpot and thought i would google them to see if there was a wider choice and i found your site and your blog. I love your blog it inspires me, i am learning all the time and i love your cards and i love your stamps so thank you.

Kitty said...

I first saw your stamps at Newbury Stamp Show a few weeks ago and had to buy some! I looked up your company name online to see what other ones were available & found your blog! I love all your designs & i can't wait for the new Nikki Christmas - she is my fav!
Kitty xx

del-16.p said...

Hi Kerry,
I met you recently at Craft World,Glasgow.You were very patient that day showing us how to colour in your beautiful images with Prisma pencils.I love visiting your blog regularly to look at your gorgeous creations - keep up the good work!!
Love, Elspeth.

Rusty said...

Hi Kerry, Happy Blogaversary!! Lets hope we see you for many more years to come!! I actually saw your stamps in a craft magazine that my partner had brought into hospital for me (I was kept in for a week having a needle in my spine) I sent him home later that day to check out your website and tell me if there was lots of variety in the stamps!! Only when I came out of hospital did I visit your site and stumble upon your blog, now I like to come on and see what you are up to and what new fab stamps you are coming up with, well that and the fact I am STILL waiting for you to buy an iPad!!! (see you really should buy one cause I will never shut up!)
Keep up the fantastic work xxx

funky farm scrapbook said...

Happy Blogaversary Kerry!!!!

Well how did we meet.... You ordered from my lnline store in December last years (it feels like years ago now!!) I'd emailed you to let you know I'd posted your order and you emailed me back with the link to your blog and said you'd created your own range of stamps and "noticed" I didn't have any on my website to sell!!!! Ha ha!
So, I popped along to your blog and was hooked!!!! I ordered a selection of your gorgeous stamps and visited you at the NEC for the trade show! I've been hooked ever since and the rest is history really. I love our chats and am so glad you had emailed me!
I was the first store in England to stock your stamps and I keep coming back for more! Can't wait for the new releases and "Thank you"! It's always a pleasure speaking to you and receiving your often funny emails

Roni said...
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Roni said...

Hi Kerry,
Congratulations, Happy 1st Blogaversary! :O)
I stumbled across your blog, by accident, oh way back last year, I think you were talking about the scottish weather which made me laugh out loud, literally, and when I read your blog it was as if you were in the room with me telling me all your wo's, which was lovely. I was even on the edge of my seat waiting with you for your first delivery to come!! LOL!
I met you for the first time at Craft World, albeit for a short moment. I follow your blog and stop by as often as I can, but I must admit as I'm not a confident stamper I don't own any of your stamps! Sorry!! So for the chance to win some Nikki stamps is great and thank you for the opportunity! But honestly, once I practice lots I must commit as I just love Magnum and his antics!
Roni :O) xoxox
(PS Sorry Kerry, you might get this twice, as I posted it again, with a wee difference!)

Sue Upson said...

Hi Kerry, congratulations your first blogiversary... how odd that you had a thought about how long you'd been blogging only for it to be today!!

I first came across your blog after an article in Creative Cardmaking, and I blame you entirely for getting me all hooked on blog surfing and eventually setting my own up!! Through you I "found" Haley and all her lovely papers and other products, so my bank manager would like a word with you both if that's ok :-)

Thanks for all the inspiration and laughs you share

Sue xx

Love the stamps and looking forward to the new releases

Hel said...

I think you'd found Hayley, and she then told me I 'had' to check your blog. Was hooked instantly, I try to save reading it till I get to work - instant cheer up - can't wait to see the new stamps Kerry x

craftyrufus said...

I can't belive your blogs been going for a year! !st met you many years ago demoing for Fee at the SECC! But more recently at craftology/ craft world. Can't wait to see the christmas stamps, love all your designs and just nop DH doesn't go into my "Nikki & Friends Box and find out just how many I have, Whoops!!

Suzy Q said...

Well Kerry, I guess I found you wandering across the Braes one cold, wet, miserable day with your dogs......quite unsuspectingly YOU SUCKERED ME IN!!!!!!! I haven't looked back since then, your stamps are unique and I honestly don't think there are any, anywhere quite as nice and classy as yours. So thanks for being my mentor....and dog walking buddy!! x

Ian said...

Hello. I am 'asked' to peruse this wonderful blog for my wonderful, amazing girlfriend Helen. She asks me what stamps I think would look nice on her up and coming designs.

Love the funky background too!! :D

Rita said...

Well Kerry, I first met you at CraftWorld/ Craftology too. I had a great day with you that day and I bought 2 Nikki Stamps ,Stumps and lots of other things, now I'm hooked on colouring with the stumps and your demonstration was so friendly. My daughter & her friend buys from you now as well as some other blogging friends. Here to the next Exciting year ahead for you. Wishing you every success. Hugs Rita xxxx

Donna said...

Kerry, I first saw a selection of your Nikki stamps on cards made by your friend Karen. There was an article in one of the cardmaking magazines. I fell in love with Nikki from that moment and looked you up to buy some of the stamps. I have been following ever since and love your creations. Heres to many more years of blogging and new stamps xx

funky farm scrapbook said...

Ha ha - looks like I'm in a little bit of trouble as well as you Kerry - I blame you though - It's all your fault... you found me!! Glad you did though ;) xXx

Alison said...

Hi Kerry, I first came across your stamps this year at Craft World. Loved them right away and kept checking the blog for new releases and going into Craft World to pick them up as they appeared, I'm afraid I don't do internet shopping - I like to touch first, ooh Mrs ;-) Looking forward to seeing Christmas Nikki and also Jack - I have 2 great nephews and they look just like him! especially Cheeky Jack!! LOL.

Linby said...

Happy blogversary. I love the Nikki stamps -googled you and have bought from you in the past. I pop back from time to time to see if you have any new ones.Love the new Christmas ones.

Faith A said...

Happy Blogaversary Kerry, I was instucted by Lisa Jane to enter my card on to your blog and have been following ever since, so Lisa Jane is at fault for me being here, blame her LOL