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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Lucky to be alive...

I suppose the title is a slight exaggeration of last nights events but I did get a heck of a fright! I took Rocky and Ruby up to Cathkin Braes and once there was told that someone had lost one of their Springer Spaniels...usually if it gets separated from it's owner she heads up to the car park and waits at their car. I said I'd keep an eye out and set off. About 10 minutes in I heard yelping coming from the swamp area so headed off. I wasn't too concerned about the wet ground as I had my wellies on but as I got closer to the yelping I was getting deeper and deeper. Rocky had gone off somewhere and Ruby was following me and I was a bit concerned having only three legs that she might get stuck too! The yelping kept changing directions so I kept following them. I did comtemplate calling my friend Suzy Q but knew she was at home with her kidlets and carried on. Anywho, I was calling Molly and getting closer but in my next step I sunk down in the muck to about hip level. OMG....I got such a fright and got a bit panicky. Somehow dragged myself onto terra firma bringing half the swamp in my wellies lol!! I just managed to get on solid ground when my phone goes (Not sure how it came out unscathed!) and guess who it is??? Suzy Q!!!! She managed to make it after all and was looking for me. I quickly told her what happened and she asked me to describe Molly. When I told her she said that Molly was right beside her!!! The little madam had managed to make her way out of the swamp and was looking for her mom!!! So there I was...soaking wet...smelling like a dumpster and Molly was no worse for her ordeal lol. I squelched back to where Suzy Q was to find her, her three poodles and the 2 Springer Spaniels waiting for me. We put leads on the dogs and went looking for their owner and when we eventually found her she was mortified at what I had done!
We tried to salvage our walk but I was getting a bit uncomfortable so we headed up to the squelching all the way lol. On hindsight I probably shouldn't have taken the risk but I really didn't think about it and I certainly didn't think the swamp was that deep. You really don't know what you would do until you find yourself in the situation. I'm so glad Suzy Q called when she did...ok she didn't really do anything as far as pulling me out but just her being there made me feel much better :-D
I took this picture when I got home....
Here are my wellies drying out after their traumatic ordeal lol. I had a shower straight away and scrubbed till I was sore but I still smelled like the swamp :-S The good news is I didn't get swamp fever or have any nightmares :-D
I've had this image coloured up for ages now but couldn't decide what to do with her. I wanted to try something without pp so grabbed my brand spankin' new stamp set from Papertrey Ink and set to work making my own background with Elzybells Sugar Candy pigment ink and some SU! kraft cs. Boy is that inkpad great...a lot of white inkpads stamp bright then fade but not this one.

So do you like Ruby Fairy sitting on a log with her birdie friends? LOLOLOL....don't worry, that's not what she called!

I've used 2mm Siam Swarovski crystals on her coat.

So that's another Christmas Ruby for you...I think another one to go :-D
Good news is I'm expecting delivery of the new release either tomorrow or Monday. They're working really hard to get it to me on time after last months release disaster. As soon as they're in I'll get them out to you. Don't forget tomorrow (30th) is the last day to order the new release at the special offer price of £5.50 saving a £1.
Thanks for stopping by.
Catch ya later x


del-16.p said...

Hi Kerry,
Glad to hear you`re ok after last night`s ordeal.I love the card you have posted today.

Rita said...

What an ordeal Kerry. You must have been quite frightened all the same. We dog lovers don't think about ourselves . Glad your now dried out and doing a bit of crafting. Love this image is brilliant. Hugs Rita xxxx

funky farm scrapbook said...

Oh my goodness Kerry!!! That would have panicked me and you did well to think quickly and get out of the swamp!! Lovely card! Really glad to hear you're ok - catch up soon xx

Roni said...

Oh Kerry! How scary, but I'm glad you're okay and how lucky was that that you had your friend on the other end of the phone to help you out, she must've picked up your distress signals!

Love the card and your attention to detail, especially the glistening snow!

Roni :O) xoxo

John & Margaret said...

You were nearly a story for the media!
Glad you are okay.
Love the Christmas Ruby- she looks so snowy!

Lisa Jane said...

Goodness - what a story! Glad you are ok.
Love this little image - her crystal bittons and sparkly fur.
The ribbon really finishes of the card and makes it look luxurious
Lisa ;)

Sue Upson said...

Glad you and your wellies are OK after your near miss!! Lovely card, it's perfect for a bit of bling :-)

Jeanie said...

Oooooh Kerry, Ruby is GOR-JUSS!! Love the red on the Kraft!! Of course, I LOVE Kraft so that's a no brainer, but this is just OUTSTANDING!!