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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Saga Continues....

As I'm typing this it's Tuesday night and I'm in The Bean Scene. You can guess my internet is still not working and I'm still bearing the scars of today. I really thought I had lost the will to live...dramatic I know when there's so much horrible stuff going on so forgive me if I've offended anyone. Here's what happened...
Pierce dropped me off at the mall at 9am so I could use you-know-who's wi-fi. For some reason it wouldn't let me log on so I ended up buying another £5 card so I could sign in with it. I managed to after about 15 minutes phaffing about but it was soooooo slow. I got quite a bit done before it decided to time out but do you think it would let me sign back in? Once you're registered you can use sign in as many times as you like but it wouldn't let me with either card. I decided to pack up and I got the train home. I saw I had a couple of messages on the answer machine. One was my 5pm up-date call from 9:20 am!! The message said they were calling for an update but since I wasn't in another call would be booked within the next 48 hours.....48 HOURS!!!! If that wasn't bad enough they had strict instructions that if I wasn't home to call me on my mobile which didn't happen. Up to this point I have been pretty laid back but I saw RED so I called up and spoke loudly to someone for 39 minutes. She started to go through the whole thing from the beginning ie resetting the router etc etc. (I'd done this with 3 other people by this point) tried to set her straight ended up doing what she told me and ended up back at square one. This is when she informed me that she would be sending off a report to BT and someone would be contacting me withing 6 days......6 DAYS!!!!! This is when the tears of frustration started stinging. I hung up and called back and got someone who was somewhat sympathetic but reitterated what she had said....6 days! I then got a call from the guy I spoke to on Tuesday of last week to report the problem saying not to worry it will only take 3 days!!!
This is where the phrase 'it's not what you know but who you know' comes in handy. We have a friend who is quite high in BT so in desperation I called him. You're probably wondering why I didn't call him earlier but I really don't like to ask for favours unless it's an absolute emergency and at this point it is!!! He was en-route home from England so I'm to call him in the morning and fingers, toes, eyes and anything else you can find, crossed he might be able to get it fixed.
If all this wasn't bad enough, and don't ask me how this happened, as I was rushing into my workroom to get something to reset the router, my back pocket on my linen trousers got caught in the door handle and the button popped off!!! I know I'm tall (5'8") but surely not that tall. Hmmmm...maybe it's reassuring that my butt isn't sagging as much as I thought lol.
So that's my sorry tale and I'm sorry I'm boring you with it on a daily basis but hopefully tomorrow will be the last you'll hear of it :-D
In all the frustrations of the day I managed to make this card. I can see I'm in a design rut as it's just a variation of most of the cards I've made lately! Must try harder tomorrow lol.
This is Tom and his friends Snowman & Reindeer (another original name lol) and he's just the cutest little guy.

Mr Reindeer is not too happy Tom is using him as a ladder

I've used Swarovski crystals (jet) for Tom's buttons as well as Mr Snowman

I told you I'd be using this tag and stamp again :-D
I've loved your favourite Christmas memories so far....keep them coming!
Thanks for putting up with my whinging these past few days.
Catch ya later x
PS I keep forgetting to say.... Hayley is having a giant clearout to make room for some new goodies so make sure you go and pick up a bargain or four! She's got some Bo Bunny and MME in the sale so get there quick before I do lol.

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Hel said...

awwww Kerry hope they manage to sort everything soon, horrible having one thing after another.

LOVE the new designs - think I'm going to have to do eeny meeny miny mo to pick which to order lol. x