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Friday, 30 July 2010

Pre-Order and Competition

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Remember you can pre-order any of the new images for the special price of £5.50 until Monday 26th July and you can check them all out here.
Also don't forget to leave a comment about your favourite Christmas memory, either a recent one or from when you were little. There will be 5 winners and they'll be able to pick 5 of their favourites from the new release. Again it's world wide so don't be shy! Contest closes Friday 30th July with the winners picked at the weekend :-D
**AND... if you want to win the 5 new Christmas Nikki's leave a comment explaining how you found me/blog/stamps and or why you visit me!**
Good Luck!!


Roni said...

Hi Kerry,
I dont know why, but the christmas memory that sticks in my head was when I was a teenager and we were at Aunty Von's for dinner. She always put on a good spread! So everyone was there with their glad rags on and I had got this lush, deep purple velour shirt from my mum as a xmas pressie.
Now, as I was 16, I was trying to be all grown up and was passing out the food to everyone, when someone said that they can smell burning, so up gets my Aunty Von, OMG she shouts and runs into the kitchen, 2 seconds later she comes back with a puzzled look and says no everything's switched off, me I'm still dishing out the food, someone else says no I can smell it too it's like a burning plastic smell. Next minute Aunty Von's sniffing the air, so does Uncle Ian (Aunty Von's hubby) and they stop at me!! Me?? was me who was burning! You see, as I was dishing out the food, my arm was going over the candles, which I seriously didnt see, and it was burning my lovely new shirt, I didnt even notice and I didnt get burnt as it didnt go through the material it only burnt off the velour. So my poor sleeve was all rough and had mottled patches where the flame touched it, but we had a great night and since then I always make sure there are no candles on the table before I reach over!
Thanks again Kerry for giving us the chance to win some of your lovely stamps!
Roni :O) xox

Roni said...

Oh Kerry, I'm sorry! I didnt realise how much space my one wee story would take up, I should've typed it in text speak! LOL
Roni :O) x

Lyndi said...

I found you at Craft World in Hillington on a demo day. I had one of your stamps of Nikki in her bathtub, but was very pleased to see wee boy stamped images on your demo table, so had to have a seat and find out more about them, as having two boys it can sometimes be hard to find stamps and images for them.
I then found out that the stamps would be released soon and that you had a blog that I am now following to find out when new stamps will be released, and I also use it to get some good ideas for using your stamps and have now purchased some koh-i-noor pencils to try, and will have to get some prisma ones too after having a wee shot on the demo day.

Julie said...

Hi Kerry,

Gosh I have so many happy Christmas memories its hard to choose. One was when I was wee girl about 5 and my two big brothers ages 7 and 8 thought we would sneak in to the living room and see what Santa had brought us. We tip toed along the hall towards the door as quiet as mice ( well as quiet as 3 overly excited kids can be) and as we got to the door there my Mum stood arms folded asking where we thought we were going and all 3 of us at the exact same time said we were needing the bathroom. My Mum tried so hard not to laugh as she sent us back to our beds after to bathroom, of course. We weren't aloud up till 6 am so we spent the rest of the night giggling so excited it was possibly the longest few hours ever watching the clock. Ah the good old days.

Julie xxx

funky farm scrapbook said...

do my comments about finding you and my christmas memories count as I didn't add them to here but did when you'd mentioned them elsewhere??? hope so :)

Lyndsey Marie said...

Hi Kerry,

I am having a sneeky peek at your blog while eating breakfatst in the caravan. I have been banded from anything crafty while we are away. My fave christmas memory is from about 4 years ago on abbies first chirstmas, there was a a little competition in our local newspaper to take a pic of your kids in front of their christmas tree. I took a pic of oli holding a 6 month abbie in front if the tree and it is my fave memory of the two of them especailly as it was something we thought we may never see with her complications at birth.
Lyndsey xx

Rita said...

I also found you at Craft Worl Hillington and had a lovely day with great demonstrations. I do more stamping now than I ever did before. Thanks to you Kerry. As for a favourite Christmas story ,well, I had lots. We never got gifts like children get to-day but we were always happy on Christmas Morning. I was never asked what I wanted for Christmas , so we just enjoyed whatever out parents and family could afford, like boes of hankerchiefs, books and jigsaws, also an apple, orange and a bright shiny sixpence in the toe of your stocking. Thanks for bringing back such happy memories. Hugs Rita xxx

Elaine said...

My best Christmas memory is probably the last one in the house I grew up in before we moved. It was the first christmas that I had got into crafty stuff and spent ages wrapping and decorating all my pressies with ribbon and handmade tags. I still have photos of my handiwork! The house seemed even more christmassy then usual and it was also special as it was the last Christmas that we shared with my nanna who sadly died soon after. We've got lots of nice pics of us all together which I'm glad to have.

I read your blog cos you're a great friend and I like to have a nosey at what you're getting up to lol. (Plus I know I'll get a row if I miss something important hehe - only kidding x) And for the inspiration and cute stamps of course! x