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Monday, 19 July 2010

Guess where I am...

Answers on a postcard....No, I'm not at home in my cozy little workroom watching the rain come down in buckets. No, I'm not in Starbucks either....I'm in Bean Scene a couple of villages from me. I didn't want to outstay my welcome in Starbucks so on Saturday I thought I'd go to a different mall with a Starbucks (are you fed up reading Starbucks as much as I am typing it???). Silverburn is probably the newest mall in Glasgow so off I go, park and lug my laptop et al into said place I'm fed up typing, place my order and ask to use their wi-fi. I was told I had to go to the information centre to get a password. Off I trek only to be told there isn't any wi-fi in the whole mall and if I wanted to use the internet I'd have to get it from Cloud. Where do I get that I ask? buy it online says she. So there I was back to square one! As I had placed my order you know where I asked them to tip it into a takeaway cup and off I went in search of wi-fi. I remembered Bean Scene had it so I ended up there for a couple of hours. They don't have the best coffee in the world but their nachos are fab though I didn't have any...just a peppermint tea and a muffin and at the rate I'm going my muffin top will be spilling over and then some!! Yesterday I was at *** and today back at BS (that doesn't stand for what some of you might be thinking!!)
When will my interntet be up an running?? I wish I knew. I'm with TalkTalk and they have been really good at keeping me informed. The problem is that when someone signs up for internet with TalkTalk, BT have to go to the exchange and do something with the wires. Apparently mine wire has been hooked up to someone else's phone number and I have to wait for BT to send someone (you know those Open Reach vans?) to go back to my exchange and switch my wire back. A call yesterday told me the instructions sent hadn't been followed properly so now I'm expecting a call tomorrow at 5pm giving me an update. I'm hoping that by keeping all my receipts for coffees etc that I'll get a refund!!
Enough of that...I'm getting bored with it and you must be bordering on unconsciousness so how about a card?
This is another fabulous design from Moira (Ruby, Magnum, Tracey & Reindeer). I'm calling this one Christmas Pudding Attack!
I'm really loving this style of illustration....a little bit less polished than Ruby.
He looks pretty determined to get the pud and I really hope it's worth his efforts lol

I bought these buttons Downtown when I was home a few years ago. I think I have about 30 because I didn't want to run out!!!

I probably told my Big News about Jeanie too early but I was so excited and I just couldn't keep it to myself any longer. Four days was a record for me lol. I noticed that she did see her card but I'm not too disappointed because she loves it :-D

I forgot to mention when I posted yesterday about pre-ordering the August release that I haven't made samples with all the images yet (I am trying!!) so if you want to see them all you can here. I'll keep posting samples until they're all done. The special pre-order price of £5.50 will be available up to an including Monday 26th July so you still have a week to order.

Thanks for stopping by

Catch ya later x

ps look out for another competition this week!

pps Why didn't anyone tell me it was a Bank Holiday today??


Alison said...

Its not a Bank holiday today Kerry!!!!! Its only a local holiday lol.We were open today.

Loving all your new stamps

Ali x

Hel said...

love all the new designs Kerry, just trying to narrow down which to order lol x

funky farm scrapbook said...

It's not a holiday in England :( - I hope you'll get something back for all the trekking round for internet access must be a nightmare - at least I can drive to my mum and dad's when I get desperate which is only 8 miles away.
Love the latest card xx

Lyndi - Little Girl Blue said...

I'm taking some comfort from your post, it's nice to know I'm not alone. I feel like I've lost my best friend when my broadband goes down! It is Glasgow Fair weekend (for those people old enough to remember what that is/was LOL), my dad told me about it, that's why some shops etc were closed!
Love your new card and am just about to pop over to see all the new releases.
Don't get paid til 27th tho so will just have to wait til then to buy them....
Love the new card - I think he's gonna make it to the pudding - he has that determined look on his face :o) xx

Elaine said...

You can come here if you need access to wifi, I'm only up the road! Or the Peel Park has free wifi in the bar/restaurant area - they have the code on the bar everyday. I'm surprised at Silverburn not having it - that's pants! Love the new stamp, kinda different again from your previous ones but thats the idea! x

Donna said...

Love the new stamp - really cute! Little pudding thief lol!! Great card and sorry to hear you've still not got your internet back :(( x