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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

I was a bit worried last night because by the time I went to bed there were no comments about Jack. I thought maybe I had misread everyone wanting a little boy stamp but it looks like there was a glitch on Blogger because this morning there were 4 comments to greet me starting from about 12 noon yesterday :-D And the concensus is that you're very happy to have a little boy amongst your stash lol.
I came across some sad news yesterday. I keep my stamps in a binder box I got from Elzybells at the end of last year. With the new releases I realised I needed some more pages to put the stamps on so I headed over to Elzybells's blog only to discover she is closing down!!! Why didn't anyone tell me??? I love Elizabeth's stamps and am the proud owner of many (and I mean many!) Elizabeth is having a closing down sale selling her stamps at 50% off and her Colour Coordinates at 60% off so if you're needing or wanting anything head on over there because once it's gone it's gone. I managed to get some cs, buttons and thankfully some pages for my binder. I swithered over a floral stamp set which I didn't put in my basket but ever since I've had the sweats so might just go and order it today before it sells out. I wondered if I should remove my 'I Love Elzybells' button but I think I will keep it as I still love Elzybells :-D
My official photographer Elaine (thanks!!!) took these pictures of me doing my thing at CW demo day.

I'm not sure what I was going on about here!
I was asked by Donna which I preferred, Copic or Promarker and can I say the jury's still out on that. They both have their +'s and -'s but I really haven't had a good run at using the Promarker's yet so I'll let you know. (I already know I don't like the fact that the Promarker ink keeps on going if you colour too close to the lines but that just needs a bit of adjustment from me.) I had a big clearout of my workroom yesterday so I can now at least see the surfaces and I have space at my desk so I'll get stuck in tomorrow and colour up some of the new images. I'm terrible for not putting things away and I guess getting the windows put in the other week wasn't such a bad thing after all!! It forced me to clear everything away and throw a lot of stuff I was keeping just in case. We all know 'just in case' rarely happens so it's better off in the garbage or a new home :-D
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craftyrufus said...

Jack is fabulous! and you're right there are precious few wee boy stamps out there, looking forward to seeing more of Jack in the future. Sorry I missed your demo on sat at CW but I was night shift Fri night and had been up for more hours than are sensible.

Elaine said...

Love the Jack stamp and can't wait to see the rest. With 2 wee monsters, I'll be needing some of them! E x

Alison said...

Sorry Kerry, thought you would of known about Elzybells or i would of mentioned to you. Glad Saturday was a success.

On the subject of the promarkers bleeding...i use card i bought at secc and its so much better than the card i used before. I will get the website for you to check it out.

I hate when you tease us with new stamps!!!! lol

Ali x

funky farm scrapbook said...

You're in trouble!!! I've just spent money and I blame you entirely lol!!! xx

Lyndi - Little Girl Blue said...
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Whimsey said...

Doing 'your thing' - hmmm.....does that mean you brought out the whip?

Bet you amazed those chicks with your uber-talent!!!