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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Magnum and Lily...oh and Robyn too

I got into trouble yesterday from my big sister Tracey. She's not very happy that I called my new cat Magnum as she said he looks more like her cat Nubs. Shelly's (my little sis) cat is called Magnum and when she heard I had a new character that was a cat she said I HAD to call him Magnum. Bit of a dilema but I thought I do the right thing and write both names on a piece of paper and get Nicole to pick one out of bowl and Magnum is what she picked! I guess I should'a known I'd be in trouble from one of them...imagine still getting into trouble from your sister at 46 lol! I promised if Magnum ever had a friend I'd call him Nubs or Nubber as she calls him. Wait till she finds out that the mouse in this card is called Lily!
So onto the card...This is Scaredy Cat Magnum and Lily (boy am I in trouble!) I absolutely adore this makes me laugh out loud. Imagine a big fat cat being scared of a little ole' mouse lol. What's great about this image is that there is a mini Lily in the Add-Ons so she can be used as a background.
I love this's by MME and I got it from Hayley

What a wussy pussy lol! You know how I'm not overly fond of make men's cards, well Magnum is perfect for that! I sent the Magnum holding the birthday cake card to my nephew who's 27 tomorrow. Hopefully he'll overlook the glitter lol.

Big baby!

Here's Robyn introducing herself :-D Such a cutie!

A closeup of Robyn and my epoxy dot. I've got to hold back using them or I'll have none left to sell!
I've got a few things to do before I head out. Hope you like these ones. Thanks for showing your appreciation so far.
Catch ya later x


Hayley @ Funky Farm Scrapbook Barn said...

Thought I'd hop on quickly, got to be somewhere in 25 mins and only just got out the shower!!! I haven't forgotten to reply to your email lol!
Cards are looking fantastic!!! Can't wait to order them in for the website, I shall have to do some saving!!! :D xx

Sue Upson said...

Loving the new stamps especially Magnum (great name for him by the way) I'm spoilt for choice! :-) xx

craftyrufus said...

Am loving all of these new1's and can't decide which to go for first!

Cheryl said...

Love them all especially Magnum x