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Monday, 24 May 2010

Double Whammy

Thought I'd show you two new samples today...boy am I spoiling you :-D The first one is Robyn on her pink shiney bike whizzing down a hill with her feet out. I had a vision of this from when I was a little girl. I loved my bike. I remember when my sister Tracey and I got was on Christmas day I think I was 9 or 10. We went downstairs to the basement and there they were under the tree (well, not UNDER but you know what I mean lol) Mine was my favourite colour...purple...with a banana seat and a high bar at the back to lean against. It was THE coolest bike in the world and I rode it every minute I could. Those were the days lol. Anywho with those memories in mind I asked Matthew to come up with something to remind me of the 'old days' and he did it brilliantly!
Every time I look at this image I say 'wheeeeeeee' lol. My new buttons go perfectly with the pp.

Here's a close up of her bike...I used Glossy Accents to make it shine.

No little girl is complete without a sparkly skirt and hair bow!

Here's the fabulous Make A Wish Nikki ...Love her! :-D

I wonder what she is wishing for...

She's got such a pretty face.
I hope you like these new additions. Thank you for your lovely comments so far...I think I've converted a few non cat lovers lol!!
Catch ya later x


Hel said...

am convinced you're trying to bankrupt me, another 2 to add to the shopping list lol. x
Ps am one of the cat converts lol

Sue Upson said...

LOL, I have similar memories of my first proper bike - mine was cerise pink :) - love these new images, I can't wait, HB nervous xx

Kerry said... guys kill me :-D xxxxx

Elaine said...

Love both of these! And you're right, I'm not really a cat person but Magnum has attitude and I like him. My winestool Nikki stamp is now the most used stamp in my collection - she got yet another outing today lol. x

Rusty said...

Some beautiful cards, I discovered your stamps in a recent crafty make, as yet I am resisting pirchasing any until I can save up for a few! Thanks for sharing these beauties with us!

Tinkerbeth said...

Love them both!

Donna said...

as you will notice from my blog I love Nikki's and am going straight over to pre-order this one now! x

craftyrufus said...

This is going to cost me a fortune at the rate you're turning out these fabulous new designs!!