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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Hello! Pierce and I took advantage of the clouds and rain yesterday to hop on the monorail and take a trip out to the Atlantis hotel at the top of The Palm. I think everyone had the same idea because it was pretty busy...I've got pictures but they don't want to upload for some reason.
Today was a gorgeous day and we chilled out on the beach. I'm on my 7th book with 2 to go...I tend to buy books throughout the year and then take them on holiday. It's the only time I get to read...I don't dare start a book at home because everything stops/late/burnt until I finish it!
We went to the movies tonight. They have a gold club at one of the pay a bit extra for it but you get huge (could fit 2!) leather seats that recline and when you first go in you order your popcorn/candy/drinks/nachos/chicken dippers/salads, go to your seats and they'll bring it to you! I took off my shoes, reclined my chair and got all comfy and watched the was like being in your own home. We saw Jennifer Lopez's new movie Back Up Plan which was pretty had it's moments! The guy in it was pretty cute but I didn't know who he was. There were a few golden oldies from the past...Tom Bosely who was Mr C in Happy Days (he looked about 100!) and Linda Lanvin who I remember as a waitress but can't remember what sitcom she was in...can anyone help me out on that one?
Another gruelling day on the beach tomorrow then on Saturday my friend Karen (she lives here) and I are going into old Dubai for some shopping. Last day on Sunday and volcano permitting we'll be back home just after lunch on Monday.
Thanks for stopping by. I'll try and get some pictures up later.
Catch ya later x


Hayley @ Funky Farm Scrapbook Barn said...

Sounds like you're having a fab time even despite the little rain! Got lots to tell you about! Enjoy your last couple of days, have fun! xxxx

Donna said...

i soo wish I was on holiday right now - it's so COLD here! Enjoy your last few days x