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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Hanging around!

This is for all you tom-boys out there! When I was thinking of different designs for Robyn a few of the ideas came from when I was a little girl. Robyn whizzing down the hill on her bike with her legs out and Robyn hanging upside down from a tree are based on me....I was the son my mom and dad never had lol!!! I don't think I stayed in the house much. If I wasn't riding out my bike I was playing kick the can with the neighbourhood kids. Or I was rollerskating on my metal skates with the key to make them longer or shorter...remember those??!!!
So this is me....I mean Upside Down Robyn

What??? Never seen a sparkly tree before???

What do you think of Robyn's friends? You know I had to have at least one ladybug in this collection :-D

I'm off to CB with the dogs. Have a great night.

Catch ya later x


craftyrufus said...

OMG that brings back memories! Am sure health and safety have stopped weans doing this kind of thing !!!

Dee G said...

OMG That card is so unbelievable!! Love it to bits

Shelly said...


A New Crafter said...

Absolutely lovely card, everything about it just makes you smile! You had this on show today at Craftololgy and I loved it! Many thanks for taking time to come along, your collection is just what cardmaking needed!