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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Snowy Days

Take a look at these pictures I took at about 3:30pm this afternoon ...

Front yard...

Back yard! It stopped for a bit but now it's back in full force. Steven finally managed to get his car out of our street to go to work tonight but he's on his way back as the roads are so bad. Pierce and Ryan have been stuck in traffic for about 45 minutes and they're only 10 minutes from home! Unfortunately there are a few really steep hills on their route so who knows when they'll get home. I love the snow...especially when I'm out with the dogs. They absolutely love the snow. I had them up at the tennis courts at the top of our street this morning and they were going crazy! There was a traffic cone there and Rocky managed to grab it and was spinning around with it like it was a discus .... poor Ruby kept having to duck otherwise she would have been knocked out LOL! I did manage to take a video of it so if I can manage to work out how to get it on here I'll post it later.

This card was an order for a friends friend's nieces's first Christmas (I like to confuse lol). I love this stamp. It's by Inky Antics and I had seen it in an American magazine about 5 years ago. I searched high and low for it but couldn't find it so I phoned Inky Antics and it turned out it was discontinued but they still had a couple left even though it wasn't on their website! I don't think I'll ever part with it because it's perfect for little ones.

The boys still aren't back yet so I hope they're ok. Steven just called to say he couldn't get back up the hill to the house so he's going to try and go around the back way. Maybe I don't like the snow so much after all.
Catch ya later x

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