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Saturday, 5 December 2009

And there's more...

Thought I'd post early this morning with a view to another one later. I'm going to take the dogs to CB this morning but it's still quite dark so I'll quickly do this then jump in the shower. Hopefully by then it'll be a bit brighter outside but the term 'don't hold my breath' comes to mind lol.

I'm still using this shoe from the Hero Arts set I got at the SECC. They're great because you really don't have to do much apart from add a crystal....

or 50!!! Some more note books....I love making these :-)

These Forever Friends stamps are super to stamp. I don't think I've ever had a bum image when I've stamped them and they are fun to colour. I've had this pp for-evah and only found it last week when I was doing a clear out for the crop. I think I bought up every last piece from S 4 Stamps (remember them?) and Irene ended up ordering a whole pack just for me lol.

These are the candles I've been wittering on about. I couldn't decide whether the holly should be in the middle or closer to the bottom so I tried one of each. They are so easy to do and I've another short one and 3 tall ones to do for tomorrow. Hmmm...note to self:- fix bows!!!

Craftwork Cards again. I borrowed Julie Hickey's sketch for this one as I was struggling with what to do. Like I said...give me a stamp and some pencils and I don't have a problem ... well most of the time lol.

Here's the partner to one from yesterday's post. I added the twine which I think is quite nice.

Right...shower time! Catch ya later x

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Elaine said...

Wow you have been busy! I love the wee ribbon trees, thats a nice idea. x