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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Finally... my Christmas trees up yesterday! Phew...what a job. I always wait until the weekend AFTER my birthday which should have been last weekend but what with rushing around and X Factor (gotta get your priorities straight lol) I never got a chance. And what a final to X Factor...I was back and forth between Joe and Olly but decided that Joe should win and he did!! I {heart} Joe but I'm sure my friend Elaine will remind me of some of the texts that we sent back and forth the weekends leading up to the final. It was Olly all the way and something about a cougar kept coming up LMAO!
Anywho, here are my trees...not great pictures but you get the idea. I've got a 10ft slim one in the hall and a 6ft plump one in the tv room. The one in the hall is dressed all in purples and the one in the tv room is dressed with decorations my mom has given me and the kids over the years. It became a bit of a tradition (one which I'm sure Judy wishes she never started lol!) that my mom would buy me a new decoration every year. She included the kids for about 4 or 5 years then it was just me and then shock horror she announced one year she wasn't going to send me one anymore either!!! I don't think I'd ever had a tantrum as a child (I'm sure I'll be told otherwise) so made up for all the ones I didn't have and I'm still getting my decorations though they are getting smaller and smaller! Mom always wraps them up so I don't open it until Christmas day. This one is about the size of a 50p but squareish and flat...can't even begin to think what it could be but I'll love it like I've loved all the ones from previous years. Two years ago she gave me 2 beautiful baubles from her trip to China. It was the first time she'd been back to China since she emigrated when she was 10 years old but sadly she couldn't find the village where they had lived in the internment camp. All the maps were in Chinese and even the Chinese people didn't know!!!
Looks like it's been crammed in there! Picture doesn't do it justice.
Sorry for the fuzzy picture...this is one of my favourite decorations my friend Jean gave me from one of her trips to the States...1992 Steven was only 18 months old! Now he's 18 and 6'5"!!!

Another fuzzy one for of the decorations my mom sent me :D

Pierce cleaned me out of Christmas cards this morning so shock horror I went out and bought some! Oh the shame :( I'm going to try and make some for my nearest and dearest but if you do get a store bought one from me please don't hold it against me lol.

Catch ya later x


Elaine said...

Pmpl at the x factor bit! I'm also ashamed to say that Jim is at Tesco as I type this buying Christmas cards. I just haven't found the time this year! I don't think we're the only ones are we Lynn?! hehe

Elaine said...

Oh and forgot to add your trees look lovely!