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Sunday, 13 December 2009

All shopped out....yeah right!

Late Friday night I texted my friend Annette (you know Annette...2 latte's, 2 cappucino's & 2 pieces of banana bread Annette....Yeah...that Annette lol!!) to see what she was up to Saturday morning as Crafts At Home were having a 20% off everything sale! It didn't take long to hear back...I'm sure our texts passed each other lol. Anywho, she picked me up at 9:30ish and we headed off talking 10 to the dozen. I had packaged up some Kris Kringle cookies for her and not before time because they are so moreish and if I don't start giving more away I'm going to eat them all!! We got there just about 10 only to find the shutters down...we looked at each other like the world had come to an end lol. I got my phone out and scrolled down to the email she sent and sure enough it said the sale was Saturday the 12th and opened at 10. What a relief it was to watch the shutters slowly wind their way up and the door was opened and in went break neck speed I might add! You'd think they were giving it away we were that excited but hey...a sale is a sale!

I pounced on some Imaginesce Christmas paper that I probably won't use till next year but I was a Girl Guide once upon a time and our motto was Be Prepared so I was preparing ;D. Next I headed over to the punches...I really love the new Martha Stewart and EK Success punches and CAH had plenty to choose fact too many as I changed my mind every 5 seconds. Annette wasn't any help since she kept pointing ones out that I had missed. It was great because we were the only ones in the store the whole time (an hour maybe) we were there. Margaret and Angela were very helpful offering tips and suggestions and Annette was quite excited to learn they do classes for the Cricut. Annette's husband bought her one for Christmas though I think it's only the box that's going to be wrapped up under the tree lol. Our piles (crafty ones lmao) were getting higher and higher though I think Annette won. She got a Bind It All...a pink one! and an i Top with all the bits to go with....well we had to take advantage of the would have been rude not to. I was a very lucky girl because Annette bought me an EK Success punch for my birthday ...Thanks Annette...I did try for the Making Memories Slice but she'd turned her hearing aid off by that point! Here's what I bought including my birthday present. I also got my BF Karen her birthday prezzie but I can't show you that cuz she reads my blog.

I've wanted the 'cheese' punch since I was home last year

This is the punch Annette bought me...the line is embossed between the holes. I'll make a card using it and post it this week.

It wasn't long before we had to head and pick up Annette's daughter Eilidh but we had a great time. If we'd had the time I think we'd still be there looking, stroking, comparing.....and of course it's so much better to do this with a friend :D

Catch ya later x

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Just wish I lived a bit nearer and I could have come too!! How exciting....a b'day pressie for me...for my 21st!! :-) xx