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Friday, 18 December 2009

Mrs Blobby

Remind me not to start baking for Christmas so early. I seem to be eating more than I'm freezing or giving away! I feel like a stuffed turkey and I've more baking to do which means I'll be eating more. About 7 years ago. I gave up cakes, cookies, sweets, crisps etc for 5 years. Yes you read right 5 years!!!! I think I'm making up for it now lol. I'm really going to make an effort to get more exercise in the New Year because it's true what they's very hard to lose weight when you get to your 40's.
I meant to make a post a lot earlier this morning...but so much was going on so now I'd like to wish my BF Karen a very happy birthday :D Hope you've had a fabby day. I was going to post her card on my blog but I only mailed it today...but it wasn't my fault!! Her prezzie didn't arrive until this morning so I wrapped it up and hopped on the train (we're playing musical cars at the moment!) into Clarkston to post it. Hopefully she'll get it tomorrow. Unfortunately the train only stops in my village every hour so I decided I would walk home! I went to my favourite deli Eat and got myself a cappucino and set off. It only took me 40 minutes which I thought was pretty good going as some of the sidewalks were covered in snow. If Karen gets her package tomorrow I'll post her card for you to see. I LOVE it :D

I don't have any cards to show you today but I came across these pictures from last winter and thought you'd like to see them.

I was trying to be a bit creative with the first picture...I'm sure some would say there's a lot wrong with it but I think I achieved what I set out to which was to have the leaves and berries in focus and the rest out of focus. Don't ask me how I did it though...I think it was a fluke lol.

The second picture is of my back yard. I'm standing outside just under my kitchen window. I love this view...especially in the winter. In the summer I can see cows and sheep in the field. You can just about see the train tracks...just above the fence at the bottom of the yard. It takes me about 30 seconds to walk to the station...very handy at this time of year! Saves trying to get parked in town and as long as I don't buy too much to carry it's fine.

I'm heading into town in the morning (on the train)...I haven't bought my kids one single present yet! I want to try and get everything done so I don't have to go back in. I'm going to go to Costco on Monday to get my turkey crown...this will be the 4th year I've bought it there and every time it's been delicious.

I'm off to take the dogs their walk and get to my bed...I'm getting the 9:03 train in the morning!

Catch ya later x

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