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Monday, 21 December 2009

Practice what you preach.. ya'll doing with your Christmas preparations? All set? Me? Nope!! I suppose that's not entirely true...I'm probably more organized than I think. I've got an appointment at the hairdresser's tomorrow so I'll have plenty of time to go over things in my head. I finished making my Christmas cards on Sunday :D...yeah I know...a bit late but I'm sure they'll get there in time.
Remember my post on Friday? About taking the train into town cuz it was easier than driving in and trying to get parked at this time of year? As long as you don't have too much shopping to carry? Welllllllllllllll...I think I'm going to have to practice what I preach because what started off as a great day on Saturday turned into a nightmare! Got up early...showered, washed my hair (we were going out that night so I figured I didn't have to worry about the hair), straightened it etc, etc. Left the house, the sun was skies. Made it to the station in plenty of time (remember I'm only 30 seconds away) for the 9:03 train. Got myself a seat, settled in, list out, check, check, check. Arrived in town...shopped, bought, shopped, bought. Doing really well though noticing I'm acquiring quite a few bags. Legged it up to Buchannan Galleries to John Lewis's...added to my bags then decided to head back down to Princes Square. As I made my way to the exit I noticed people were quite, they were really, they were actually soaking. I got to the door and it was pouring out!!! So there I was, hands full of shopping, wool coat, no umbrella (not that I would have been able to hold one anyway!) with a decision to make. Do I go back inside and grab a coffee and wait till it stops or do I just go for it? I decided to go for it and braced myself for the onslaught. I think I was soaked through within minutes! But the worst was to started to snow. Now when I say snow I mean SNOW! It was so thick and heavy I could hardly see in front of me. I think everyone got caught out like me because they were running for cover and girls were squealing like stuck pigs lol. I abandoned my plan to go back to Princes Square and head straight for the train even though I was 40 minutes early. At one point I started to laugh out loud because we all looked so funny drenched from the rain and snow. My lovely straightened hair was no more...think McCain's crinkle chips and you've got it lol! By the time I got to the station my bags had started to disintegrate and I had to decant things into other bags. I managed to find a seat and just sat there with the steam rising from me...Starbucks was right there in front of me and boy did I want one but didn't have the energy so just waited for my train. I got home in one piece but did resemble a drowned rat!
Right...enough of the's Karen's card I promised for Saturday but didn't deliver (for obvious reasons!!!) That was probably one of the better things to happen that day, Karen received her parcel which meant I was only a day late for her birthday ;D

What do you think? I absolutely love her...she's called Two Jill and is a digital image from Mo's Digital Pencil. I'm sure we've all seen a little girl or boy strike this pose when they don't get their way! I had bought her a week or so before Karen's birthday and was waiting for the right time to use her. When I knew I was going to be late for her birthday I instantly thought of her.
Well, I have a card to order for a friend so I better get cracking. I still have to wrap all my presents and do quite a bit more baking to give away. I feel another batch of Kris Kringle Cookies coming on!
Thanks for stopping by....catch ya later x


Amy's Stocking Stuffers said...

That is such a cute image -- all of Mo's "twos" are! I love the way you've colored her!

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you....if you think this card looks good in the looks even better in the is absolutely, amazingly beautiful! I have shown it to everyone who has walked into my house, whether they're a cardmaker or not!!!! My presents too were gorgeous, Kerry knows me so well and knows just what I like! I'm just hoping we're treated to the recipe for the Rocky Road cos it was delicious! The shortbread is sitting there calling my name so might have to sample it later!!! Thank you once again to my BFF with such wonderful taste!!! Karen xxxxxx

p.maider said...

I'm not surprised Karen loved her card. It is fantastic. The image is brilliant and I also loved the backing paper.